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download-3Worcester, MA (July 1, 2018) – The weekend got off to a rather inauspicious start in Worcester amid reports of a motor vehicle accident with injuries on Saturday morning.  The report came in to the Worcester Police headquarters just after 10:00 am.  A caller advised that there had just been a wreck in the 800 block of Main Street.  After learning details of the call, dispatchers alerted on duty patrol officers to respond to the scene.

When police arrived on Main Street, they were able to confirm that there was a multiple vehicle accident at this location.  They also confirmed that at least one person had sustained injuries in this crash.  Fire and rescue personnel also arrived on scene to assist.  There is no update at this time on the condition of the injured victim or whether their injuries are believed to be serious or life-threatening.

Police are actively investigating this crash to determine why it occurred.  They are looking at several factors, including speed, reckless driving, inattentive driving, as well as violations of any traffic laws which might have led to the crash.  No further information is available at this time.

Salem Car Accident Caused by Falling Debris from TruckPolice in Chatham, Massachusetts on Saturday identified the driver of a pickup truck that was involved in a crash on Main Street.  The driver has been identified as 29 year old Nicholas Nolan of Onset, Massachusetts.

Chatham Police say that Nolan was operating a truck Friday evening on Main Street when he suddenly lost control of his vehicle.  The truck then careened into a brick property marker and later hit a tree before coming to a stop at 1671 Main Street.  Nolan was tended to by rescue workers and was later transported to Cape Cod Hospital by Chatham Fire Department officials.

Nolan sustained serious, but non life-threatening injuries in the collision.  Chatham Police along with Barnstable Police investigated the accident.  Criminal charges are pending against Mr. Nolan but there is no word at this time as to which charges he may face.

images-1-6-300x158An early morning crash on the Cape sent a pickup truck driver to the hospital.  Police in Harwich, Massachusetts say that a Dodge Ram pickup truck was traveling on Main Street around 7:00 am this morning when the driver struck a telephone pole owned by Verizon.  The impact from the collision caused the pickup truck to flip over and land on top of Toyota Rav4 traveling on the same roadway.

Rescue workers quickly responded to the scene.  The driver of the Dodge Ram was taken to Cape Cod Hospital with injuries sustained in the crash.  The injuries are not believed to be life-threatening.  The driver of the RAV4 was offered medical treatment for apparent injuries on scene but refused to be transported.  The accident remains under investigation.  It is expected that the road will now be closed for most of the day while workers attempt to repair the damaged telephone pole.  The drivers involved in this accident have not been identified by Harwich Police.

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The female victim of Sunday’s pedestrian car accident against a building has been identified as Patrice Vanleer. v

Her husband exited their apartment to observe a car accident he had just heard, which occurred just a few feet from the building. He discovered that it was his wife that was injured in the crash. The vehicle pinned her against the building wall.

Patrice Valeer was 32-years-old and died at the hospital a day later, on Saturday April 22. The accident happened in Brockton at about 9 p.m.

Brockton police has identified 35 year-old Terrance Pyrtle as the driver of the SUV which ran a red light, crashed into a Brockton gas station and killed Terri Degennaro last week. Terrance Pyrtle Identified as Driver Who Killed Terri Degennaro in Brockton Gas Station Car Crash

Pyrtle is a Taunton resident and has a lengthy history of running traffic signals going as far back as March 2001. He was cited most recently in June 2015 for a car accident. The fatal gas station accident occurred at Main Street and Perkins Avenue on April 19. Police are seeking to suspend his license with the Registry of Motor Vehicles.

Terri Degennaro, 54-years-old, died later in the day after initially declining to be transported to a hospital for treatment. The cause of her death was internal bleeding. She ultimately died at Beth Israel Hospital, after first seeking treatment at Brockton Hospital hours after the accident.

In the early morning hours yesterday, a 2008 BMW was completely totaled in a rollover accident.Cohasset rollover injuries

It occurred in Cohasset between north Main Street and Cedar, just after midnight.

The driver was a 36-year-old man from Scituate.

He claims that the vehicle malfunctioned.

He suffered injuries and was taken to South Shore Hospital.

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Today the Plymouth County District Attorney’s Office has released more information on the woman who died several hours after the Thursday morning Brockton Gas Depot car crash. Terri Degennaro of Brockton Identified as Woman Who Died Hours After Gas Depot Crash (Update)

She has been identified as Terri Degennaro, a 54-year-old resident of Brockton. After the accident she declined medical treatment at the scene, and declined transport to a hospital. She was assessed at the scene by first responders, however later in the day she did arrive at Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital seeking help with injuries. She was ultimately transported to Boston’s Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. She ultimately died there.

On the Thursday morning Degennaro was driving east on Perkins Street at almost 10:30 a.m., and it was at that time that the black GMC Yukon crashed into her vehicle. The accident occurred at the intersection on Main Street. The Yukon continued to barrel down the road, into the Gas Depot and onto another vehicle, before coming to rest.

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Nearly 24 hours after a multi-vehicle crash at the Gas Depot in Brockton, a female victim of the crash was declared dead today.Brockton Gas Station Multi-Vehicle Accident Fatality

Reports from the Plymouth County District Attorney’s office indicate that victim as in her 50s and had refused treatment at the scene of the accident on Thursday. The female eventually arrive at the Brockton Hospital where she was then transferred to Beth Israel Hospital where she succumbed to her injuries.

On Thursday, around 10 a.m., law enforcement were dispatched to the gas station at Main Street and Perkins Street. There, they discovered that a GMC Yukon collided into the female victim’s vehicle, before crashing into the gas station – slamming into a pole in the process. The GMC Yukon was stopped by another vehicle at the gas station.

The identities of the people involved have not been released.

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A terrifying car collision at a gas station in Brockton put one individual in the hospital with injuries.  Brockton Cash Station Collision

The cameras inside the Gas Depot station recorded the full accident. In the video, a dark car is seen entering  the station when a black Sport Utility Vehicles speeds in, rams into a couple of gas pumps and stops on the top of the dark car.

The accident, occurred at approximately 10 a.m. today and did not result in more casualties.

Brockton Fire officials who arrived on scene report that a third vehicle was also smashed into on Main Street in connection to this accident. Only the three individuals were involved.

Fortunately, not one of the gas tanks ignited and no one was run over. Law enforcement will begin an inquiry into the reason for the accident.

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Reports out this morning indicate that a young man named Jeffrey Liao was involved in a car accident in the afternoon of April  14th. When Medford Police officers entered his vehicle they discovered several pounds of marijuana in various forms for sale.

Medford marijuana car accident
The nearly 30-year-old man is from Sharon, and the accident occurred on Main Street in Medford. The car was removed by a flatbed truck. Officer Jason Montalbano stated that the illegal items found in the vehicle were clearly put together to be sold later.

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