Patrice Vanleer Identified as Woman Killed by Car Pinning Her Against Building

The female victim of Sunday’s pedestrian car accident against a building has been identified as Patrice Vanleer. v

Her husband exited their apartment to observe a car accident he had just heard, which occurred just a few feet from the building. He discovered that it was his wife that was injured in the crash. The vehicle pinned her against the building wall.

Patrice Valeer was 32-years-old and died at the hospital a day later, on Saturday April 22. The accident happened in Brockton at about 9 p.m.

According to witnesses, the driver sped through a red light on the intersection of Legion Parkway and Main Street. The driver hit another vehicle, lost control and then ran into Vanleer on the sidewalk. The speeding driver and the second driver also sustained injuries.

The incident is under investigation by Plymouth County Authorities.

At the accident scene now are flowers, stuffed animals and candles in remembrance of Vanleer

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