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Vehicle Accident on June StreetWorcester Police received many reports of injury accidents throughout the day on Sunday.  One such report came in around late morning.  At approximately 11:00 am police received the first of multiple disturbing calls that day regarding hit and runs in the city.

Patrol officers were dispatched to the scene at the 1 block of Siegel Street.  Officers investigated and discovered that the call contained accurate details regarding a hit and run.  When they arrived, officers spoke to at least one person who had been injured in an accident involving a motor vehicle.  However, they were unable to speak to anyone else associated with the crash because the driver had left the scene before police could get there.

Officers are classifying this incident as a hit and run.  Although we know there were injuries we cannot provide any additional specifics on the extent of the injuries at this time.   There is no report of the injuries being life-threatening.  Worcester police are still searching for the driver and have filed this case as incident report number 2018000065535.

Accident on Route 146An accident with injuries was reported to police in Worcester, Massachusetts early Sunday morning.  The call came in to police headquarters just before 5:00 am.  Dispatchers were alerted at that time to an accident int he 100 block of Madison Street in the center of town, just off of Main Street.

Police quickly rushed to the scene of the accident as the caller referenced potential injuries associated with the accident.  Unfortunately, as they arrived on scene officers noted that the accident did involve injuries and quickly began the process of giving medical aid to the injured victim.  The good news is that the injuries sustained do not appear to be serious or life-threatening.

Worcester police are investigating the accident and its cause.  In the meantime, no further information has been released about the accident, including how it might have occurred or the names of those involved.

Car Accident on Falcon StreetWe are receiving some unfortunate news this morning coming from Worcester.  The Worcester Police Department appeared to be extremely busy on Sunday evening investigating injury accidents.  One such accident took place in the 200 block of Vernon Street.  At around 7:00 pm eastern time, police received a call regarding an injury accident involving multiple vehicles.

On-duty patrol officers were dispatched to the scene and medical units were also sent to assist those injured.  Officers blocked traffic at the accident site and re-routed motorists around the collision while they investigated.  First aid was rendered on scene.  There is no word on the condition of the injured victims at this time and there is also no word on what may have caused this crash to occur.  Worcester police have not released further details as their investigation into the accident remains ongoing at this time.

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Vehicle Accident with Injury on I-95We are always saddened to hear of accidents involving injuries.  Although we work with car accident victims on a daily basis here at our firm, we are acutely aware of the struggle faced by car accident victims in their recovery from serious accidents.

We have received news coming out of Worcester this morning about an accident that took place late last night in the 1000 block of Millbury Street.  The accident occurred just prior to midnight and police received a call for assistance around 11:30 pm.  Officers quickly rushed to the scene to discover a multi vehicle crash.  They also discovered that at least one person was injured in the crash.  The injured were administered medical treatment on scene.

Officers shut down traffic while the investigation remained ongoing.  At this time there is no word on those involved in the crash and police have not released the identities of those involved.  We are hoping for a quick recovery for anyone injured in this crash.

images-1-2Hit and run accidents are some of the worst types of accidents that we encounter as personal injury attorneys.  Unfortunately, there is news coming out of Worcester, Massachusetts that a hit and run took place around 2:00 am on July 18th.  That is when Worcester Police responded to an injury accident call in the 200 block of Providence Street.  When officers arrived on scene, they discovered that an accident involving two vehicles.  One of the vehicles, however, had left the scene prior to police arrival.  The remaining participants in the crash remained on scene.  Officers noted that injuries were sustained in the crash and medical treatment was given.

The Worcester Police Department has released few other details about the hit and run at this time as their investigation into the accident continues.  In the meantime, our thoughts are with the injured and we certainly hope that police are able to locate the responsible driver as soon as possible so that all involved are required to answer for their actions.

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Six-Vehicle Pile-up Accident in North Attleboro Causes InjuriesAn early morning crash on I-290 spelled disaster for commuters this morning.  The accident also resulted in injuries to those involved.  The early morning accident happened just before 6:00 am on I-290 at exit 11, College Street in Worcester.   Police were called to the scene of a multiple vehicle accident involving injury at that time.  When they arrived, officers blocked off the accident scene and re-routed traffic around the crash so that they could investigate.  Upon investigation, it was discovered that the crash involved injuries.   EMS responded to the scene to treat the injured victims.

Heavy delays were reported on the highway around the time of the crash.  At least one lane of the road was closed while police worked to investigate the collision and its cause.  The injured received treatment but there is no word on their conditions or the cause of the crash as of this time.  Further information will be made available as we receive it.

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Vehicle Accident with Injury on Bowdoin StreetA rush hour crash in Leominster this morning caused injuries and snarled traffic for motorists traveling on Route 2 eastbound.  The crash happened an Exit 32 and involved more than one vehicle.  Authorities responded after receiving a call for assistance.  After responding, they located the injured victims.  Medical care was administered on scene.

The crash caused major delay for motorists on their morning commute.   Traffic was backed up leading into the crash for several minutes while authorities investigated, rendered first aid and attempted to clean up the debris left on the roadway as a result of the crash.  At this time, the police investigation is still ongoing.  There is no word on those injured, the extent of the injuries or whether the injuries are life-threatening.

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Chelmsford Crash Injures 2The Worcester Police Department was called to the scene of an injury accident around 1:00 on Sunday, June, 17th.  Responding officers quickly arrived to the 100 block of Burncoat Street where the accident took place.  Multiple vehicles were involved in the collision.  Upon their arrival to the accident, officers also discovered that at least one person suffered injuries in this crash.  The accident scene was quickly while medical personnel rendered first aid to those injured in the accident.

The police department investigation remains ongoing at this time.  Most details, including the names of those involved and the condition of the injured have been withheld at this time.  Worcester Police have assigned case number 2018000065417 to this accident investigation.

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images-1-1Authorities were called to a crash on I-84 at approximately 12:30 am Sunday morning. Upon arrival they discovered a collision between a tractor trailer and two other vehicles.  Both sides of the roadway were immediately closed for investigation.

According to state police, they located a tractor trailer in a ditch headed toward a set of trees on the eastbound side of the highway. The other vehicle involved in the crash flipped over and landed upside down against a concrete barrier located in the highway median. Sadly, at least one person died and another person suffered injuries from the crash. Officials have not released the identities of anyone involved in the accident.  Approximately 80 gallons of fuel leaked out from the trailer after the crash. State hazmat teams were called in to clean up the spill.   The highway was closed for about 12 hours while police investigated.  The road was reopened at about 12;30 pm this afternoon.

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Car Accident at Route 32An accident involving multiple vehicles and injuries was reported to the Worcester Police Department on Saturday morning.  Officers received the call at approximately 3:00 am.  They were dispatched to Plantation Street on report of an accident with possible injuries.  As officers began arriving on scene they quickly discovered that the accident did involve injuries to at least one driver.

Medical personnel were then called out to the scene where those injured received treatment.  The accident scene was secured by officers.  Traffic in the area was diverted while the investigation remained ongoing.  Eventually, the accident scene was cleared by Worcester Police and traffic returned to normal shortly afterwards.   Police have not identified the drivers involved in this accident and the extent of injuries is unknown at the moment.

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