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images-1-7Two pickup trucks collided with each other Saturday night in Tewksbury, Massachusetts leaving one driver with serious injuries.  The collision occurred around 8:30 pm at the intersection of Old Stagecoach Road and Shawshen Street.  The two trucks involved have been identified as a Ford F-150 and a Ford F-250.

A witness, Phil Marotta, who lives near the accident scene says he believes that the F-250 was traveling the wrong way down a one way street when it collided with the F-150.  Marotta said the collision was so loud that it shook his house.  Tewksbury police would not independently verify Marotta’s observations, saying only that the crash remained under further investigation Saturday night.

Tewksbury firefighters had to cut the top off of the F-150 in order to extricate the driver.  The F-150 driver, who has not been identified at this time, was transported by ambulance to a local hospital with serious injuries.  The F-250 driver was also transported to the hospital, although there is no word on their current condition.  Police have not said whether they expect to issues charges as a result of this crash.

Rollover Accident on I-90In a disturbing trend of events, Worcester Police responded to at least three hit and run accidents in the city on Saturday.  One of these accidents took place in the 1 block of Richards Street near the center of town.   The call came to police around 10:00 am for a hit and run involving injury.  By the time officers arrived on scene, the other driver had left the scene.  Statements were taken from the injured victim remaining at the scene.  Officers completed a written traffic crash report and cleared the roadway of debris.  Traffic was temporarily affected but quickly resumed to normal after the crash.

There is no word on the extent or severity of injuries suffered in this crash.  Police are expected to file charges against the other driver for leaving the scene of an accident.

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images-1-6-300x158Worcester Police responded to several calls for hit and run crashes in the city over the weekend.  While there were many other incidents in the city, there was an overwhelmingly large number of accidents which expended a substantial amount of law enforcement’s time and energy.

A hit and run with injuries occurred in the 100 Block of Shrewsbury Street around 2:00 am Saturday morning.  The hit and run resulted in injuries to at least one person.  The extent of injuries is not known at this time.  Police are still investigating the crash.  Charges are expected but it is unknown whether the suspect has been apprehended.  Neither of the involved individuals have been identified at this time by police.

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Accident on Front Street Injures OnePolice in Marlborough, Massachusetts responded to an accident scene along Route 290 on Saturday.  The accident took place in the westbound lanes on the roadway.  Police and emergency officials received a call around 7:00 pm Saturday regarding a multiple vehicle accident with injuries.  First responders came to the crash site and discovered at least one injury had been sustained in this wreck.

Police blocked off the area in which the accident occurred while they tended to the injured and investigated the crash.  Statements were obtained by those involved and a physical survey of the accident scene was taken.  Police in Marlborough are still completing their investigation and have not released a cause for the crash.  No word on the condition of those injured or their identities.

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Accident on Columbia RoadWorcester police have had an active weekend thus far.  As of Sunday morning, officers have responded to over 60 car accident calls.  Many of these calls are for accidents with only property damage.  Several others, however, are hit and run and multiple car accidents involving injury to the occupants.

A personal injury accident occurred in the 1 block of Highland Street at 6 pm on Saturday, June 23rd.  Police responded to the scene of the crash immediately after receiving a call regarding the crash.  They discovered that at least one person had sustained injuries in the crash.  The extent of injuries is unknown at this time.  The drivers involved have not been identified and the cause of the crash remains under police investigation.  We have no indication that the injuries in this accident are life-threatening.

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Car Accident on Massachusetts AvenueAn injury accident took place in the 1 Block on Winthrop Street early Sunday morning in Worcester, Massachusetts.  The accident happened around 2:00 am according to local police.  The, accident which involved multiple cars and injuries, remains under investigation at this time by the Worcester Police Department.  Worcester police officers as well as medical personnel worked the accident scene.  The injured victim received treatment on the scene but it was not reported whether the victim was later transported to a hospital.

No cause for the crash was released police have not identified either driver at this time.  Traffic was very light in the area given the early morning hour so there was little impact on other motorists traveling through the area.

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Tractor-Trailer Crash in Milton Causes InjuriesA driver in Springfield, Massachusetts was hurt in a collision with a tractor trailer on Saturday morning.  The accident took place on Interstate 91 at exit 9B just after midnight.  Police say that the driver was operating a Nissan Altima when they collided with the tractor trailer.

Police and medical personnel rushed to the scene to tend to the injured driver and to investigate the crash scene.  Massachusetts State Police Trooper Daoust indicated that the driver was taken to Baystate Medical Center due to injuries sustained in the crash.  Trooper Daoust has confirmed that the injuries are not life-threatening.  The truck driver was not injured.

State Police cleared the roadway by around 2:00 am.  The accident is still under investigation and there is no word on whether charges will be filed as a result of the crash.  No other details were released.

download-2-3If you’ve been hurt in a Massachusetts car accident, you almost certainly have many questions and few answers.  Your future looks murky at best as you struggle just to make it through a day to day routine that you did not plan for and certainly did not want to happen.  As you go to doctor appointment after doctor appointment and you haven’t been cleared to go back to work, you are probably wondering what you can actually recover from your Massachusetts personal injury case.

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In car accidents as in every other civil case, an injured Plaintiff may be entitled to damages from a Defendant.  Damages is simply a legal term for the amount of money or other compensation you are asking to receive.  In Massachusetts personal injury cases there are several types of damages available to injured victims, including:

Salem Car Accident Caused by Falling Debris from TruckPolice in Chatham, Massachusetts on Saturday identified the driver of a pickup truck that was involved in a crash on Main Street.  The driver has been identified as 29 year old Nicholas Nolan of Onset, Massachusetts.

Chatham Police say that Nolan was operating a truck Friday evening on Main Street when he suddenly lost control of his vehicle.  The truck then careened into a brick property marker and later hit a tree before coming to a stop at 1671 Main Street.  Nolan was tended to by rescue workers and was later transported to Cape Cod Hospital by Chatham Fire Department officials.

Nolan sustained serious, but non life-threatening injuries in the collision.  Chatham Police along with Barnstable Police investigated the accident.  Criminal charges are pending against Mr. Nolan but there is no word at this time as to which charges he may face.

images-2-2We typically think of traffic accidents as involving one more vehicles.  However, this discounts the fact that pedestrian accidents make up a large number of reported accidents each year. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, about 13 percent of total traffic-related fatalities in 2010 were caused by pedestrian accidents.  In the same year, the number of pedestrians injured in accidents exceeded 70,000.00. These are nationwide numbers, however Massachusetts certainly experiences its share of pedestrian accidents, especially in metropolitan areas.

Most pedestrian accidents are the result of drivers or pedestrians not paying attention to the traffic conditions. In Massachusetts, pedestrians have the right of way when using a crosswalk or if they are crossing an intersection with a green traffic light.

If traffic signals are malfunctioning or the pedestrian chooses to walk against traffic anyway, a driver still must yield to any pedestrian in a legally marked crosswalk. If the driver fails to do so, and the pedestrian is injured, the driver is legally responsible for the resulting injuries.