Interstate 495 Crash Involving Horse Trailer Injures Two

Two individuals in separate motor vehicles sustained injuries in a three-car accident on the northbound side of Interstate 495. The accident occurred late this  afternoon. The collision occurred south of exit 46, near the Route 110 and Interstate 495 connector. Three-car collision Lawrence

The drivers were transported to Lawrence General Hospital.

The first injured driver was an Essex woman in her 50s who was operating a 2011 Ford F250 with a trailer housing two horses hitched to the truck. The other injured motorist was almost 50-years-old and a resident of Bradford, driving a 2017 Nissan Rogue.

The third motorist involved in the accident was a 19-year-old Lawrence man in a 2015 Toyota Corolla.

The Massachusetts State Police called in Coady’s Towing to take away the damaged the vehicles.  Authorities received dispatch to the scene at 4:45 p.m., the highway traffic was nearly at a standstill.

Trailer/Hitch Auto Accident Lawsuit

The issue with truck hitches is that these trailers are not attached by professionals. Runaway trailers and negligent hitch collisions happen when people; without any proper knowledge are the hitching their trailer, or other items, to their cars transporting cargo or live animals.

These accidents happen often because there are a various reasons that hitches stop working or runaway. Attaching a hitch to a pickup truck or a vehicle designed to tow a trailer, does not mean they are safer. Hitching accidents can happen in any scenario and are usually caused for the following reasons: manufacturing defect; wear and tear; defective trailer ; speed; lack of safety chains; overweight cargo; or defective brakes.

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