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Update:  Motorcycle Crash Kills OneBrockton, MA (July 10, 2018) – A 25 year old father died Monday night when his motorcycle collided with another vehicle in Brockton.  Brockton police say that Devin Delacth of Brockton was riding his Suzuki Motorcycle on North Main, near Davidson Street around 9:40 pm Monday.   He then collided with a Volkswagen hatchback and was ejected from his motorcycle.

A passerby noticed Delacth lying face down in the roadway with motorcycle pieces strewn about the road. She performed CPR on the injured man before paramedics arrived on scene.  Delacth was rushed to Good Samaritan Hospital where he was pronounced dead from his injuries.  The hatchback driver was uninjured and remained on scene to cooperate with the police investigation.  It is not immediately clear what caused the crash to occur.

Local community members described Delacth as a caring person and a loving father to a young child.  His girlfriend, Ashley Mendes, said she considered him her soulmate and the glue of their family and that he will always be loved and missed.

27826443258_b358ca39e1_b-300x300Brockton, MA (July 10, 2018) – A woman in Brockton sustained injuries in a two car rollover collision Sunday night.  Brockton police responded to a crash at the intersection of Park Road and Wheeler Avenue just before 7:00 pm.  There, they found that two cars had collided with one another.  An 18 year old woman was transported to a hospital with unknown injuries.

The woman was driving a Nissan Murano.  When police and fire officials arrived, the Murano was lying on its side against the curb on Park Road.  The other vehicle, a Toyota Camry also suffered heavy damage in the crash.  The other driver did not suffer injuries.  At this time, it is believed that the crash occurred when the Camry ran a stop sign and collided with the Murano.  It is expected that Brockton Police will charge the Camry driver for running a stop sign.

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Update: Four Teens Who Died in Crash Were Stoughton High StudentsWe previously reported on a serious crash that took place in Brockton on Friday night.  In that crash, a pickup truck collided with a sedan as the sedan was traveling on East Street in Brockton.  Brockton Police arrived on scene and that the pickup truck driver was attempting to pass the sedan while it was turning into a driveway.  Ultimately, a collision occurred between the driver of the sedan and the pickup.

The driver of the sedan was rushed to a nearby hospital with life-threatening injuries.  He was listed initially in critical condition.  Despite the efforts of medical personnel, the man ultimately succumbed to his injuries.  Now, Brockton Police have identified the deceased individual as 54 year old Jorge Leite.  Leite was a native of Brockton.

Witnesses on scene described the pickup truck as speeding through the area at an unsafe speed in excess of 80 mph just before the collision.  The speed limit in the area of the crash is 30 mph.  The truck driver has been identified by Brockton Police as 22 year old Robert Kildayy of West Bridgewater.  Kilday was found on the ground when police arrrived on scene according to Brockton police Sgt. George Khoury.  The Plymouth County District Attorney’s Office is investigating the collision and may charge Kilday in the death.

Accident at Route 212 in MethuenA Friday night crash in Brockton, Massachusetts left one person critically injured.  According to authorities, the accident took place at approximately 7:30 pm on East Street.  Brockton Police were dispatched in reference to the accident call.  According to Lt. Ken Grice, the sequence of events began with a man attempting to make a turn from East Street into his driveway.  At the same time, a truck was traveling behind the man and attempted to make a pass to go around the man’s vehicle.  The truck failed to maneuver safely around the vehicle, however, and ended up sideswiping the turning car.

Emergency  medical personnel quickly responded to the scene of the accident while officers investigated.  Upon their arrival, they provided aid to the injured man before eventually taking him to a Boston hospital.  The man is listed in critical condition at the hospital.  At this time, authorities have not released the name of the driver or the injured victim.  The Brockton Police Department continues to investigate the crash.  It is not is police plan to charge the man in the pickup truck for his role in the crash.

Serious Car Accidents

images-3A head-on crash in Brockton, Massachusetts sent to people to the hospital on Friday night.  Police responded to the call at approximately 9:00 pm.  Upon their arrival, they located two cars that had been involved in the crash.  One car has been identified only as a sedan and the other car appears to be an F150 pickup truck.  This accident caused very severe property damage in addition to the personal injuries that were suffered by those involved. The accident was so catastrophic that the driver of the sedan had to be cut out of the car through the roof by the jaws of life machine.

Both victims of this accident are suffering from serious injuries but there is no word on whether the injuries are considered to be life-threatening at this time. Certainly from the description of the accident given by authorities, we know that both victims will have a long road to recovery and are thoughts are with them as they remain in the hospital.  Police in Brockton are still investigating the crash and have released no information as to which vehicle crossed the center line.  The identities of those involved have also not been released.  If identities are later released, we will bring you further information.

Head-On Collision

The female victim of Sunday’s pedestrian car accident against a building has been identified as Patrice Vanleer. v

Her husband exited their apartment to observe a car accident he had just heard, which occurred just a few feet from the building. He discovered that it was his wife that was injured in the crash. The vehicle pinned her against the building wall.

Patrice Valeer was 32-years-old and died at the hospital a day later, on Saturday April 22. The accident happened in Brockton at about 9 p.m.

Brockton police has identified 35 year-old Terrance Pyrtle as the driver of the SUV which ran a red light, crashed into a Brockton gas station and killed Terri Degennaro last week. Terrance Pyrtle Identified as Driver Who Killed Terri Degennaro in Brockton Gas Station Car Crash

Pyrtle is a Taunton resident and has a lengthy history of running traffic signals going as far back as March 2001. He was cited most recently in June 2015 for a car accident. The fatal gas station accident occurred at Main Street and Perkins Avenue on April 19. Police are seeking to suspend his license with the Registry of Motor Vehicles.

Terri Degennaro, 54-years-old, died later in the day after initially declining to be transported to a hospital for treatment. The cause of her death was internal bleeding. She ultimately died at Beth Israel Hospital, after first seeking treatment at Brockton Hospital hours after the accident.

Massachusetts State Police came across a crash at about 3:30 this morning.Brockton Car Accident Injuries

It was on Route 24 northbound in Brockton.

The crash site was located north of Route 123, near exit 17.

The left travel lane and middle travel lane were closed down.

Injuries were sustained as a result of the crash.

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This morning, in Brockton, an unidentified female was hit by a vehicle.Brockton Pedestrian hit by Car, Sustains Serious Injuries

She was taken to Boston Medical Center by Brockton Fire Department with severe injuries.

The female pedestrian was hit on Gladstone Street. The accident occurred around 11 a.m., no other details have been released by Brockton police.

The injuries were to the lower part of her body.

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Today the Plymouth County District Attorney’s Office has released more information on the woman who died several hours after the Thursday morning Brockton Gas Depot car crash. Terri Degennaro of Brockton Identified as Woman Who Died Hours After Gas Depot Crash (Update)

She has been identified as Terri Degennaro, a 54-year-old resident of Brockton. After the accident she declined medical treatment at the scene, and declined transport to a hospital. She was assessed at the scene by first responders, however later in the day she did arrive at Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital seeking help with injuries. She was ultimately transported to Boston’s Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. She ultimately died there.

On the Thursday morning Degennaro was driving east on Perkins Street at almost 10:30 a.m., and it was at that time that the black GMC Yukon crashed into her vehicle. The accident occurred at the intersection on Main Street. The Yukon continued to barrel down the road, into the Gas Depot and onto another vehicle, before coming to rest.

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