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images-1-6-300x158Boston, MA (July 14, 2018) – Police in Boston responded to a vehicle crash Thursday morning on Harrison Avenue.  A call was received around 5:50 am requesting police response to the scene for an accident involving injuries.  Boston police officer Thomas Antonino was quickly dispatched to the crash scene.  Officer Antonino arrived on Harrison Avenue and began a crash investigation.  He discovered at least one person suffering from injuries inflicted in the accident and called for EMS to respond as well.

The injured victim was evaluated and treated on scene.  No word on their condition or identity at this time.  The Boston police have marked this accident for additional investigation and have not released a cause for the crash.

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Pedestrian Struck by Norwood HospitalBoston, MA (July 14, 2018) – A pedestrian in Boston was injured after being struck by a vehicle on Wednesday.  The pedestrian was struck while walking on  Clarkwood Street at 4:50 pm when they were hit by a car also traveling on the same roadway.  Police on scene report that the pedestrian was injured as a result of the collision but have not confirmed whether the pedestrian suffered any serious or life-threatening injuries.

Following the crash, the vehicle driver remained on scene and cooperated with the police investigation into the crash.   It is not known whether the pedestrian was in a crosswalk or other marked area when the crash occurred or whether the vehicle driver will face charges for causing the accident.  Police are continuing to investigate this crash.  Should any additional information become available we will bring it to you.

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Boston, MA (July 14, 2018) – An accident on Washington Street had Boston police busy Wednesday morning.  The call was received by police just after 8:00 am and referenced an accident with injuries occurring in the area.  As officers arrived, they confirmed the details of the call as they discovered a car accident with personal injuries.

Officers quickly blocked the area in an around the crash.  They began an investigation and took statements from witnesses while attempting to determine a cause for the collision.  As of this time, officers have not publicly released a statement regarding a cause of the crash.  The crash is still under investigation by the BPD.  The extent of injuries is not known at this time.

As police were working the accident scene, traffic slowed in the area around Washington Street.  Motorists had to be temporarily re-routed around the crash and some delays were reported in the area while the investigation remained active.  Traffic returned to normal after officers cleared the scene.

Palmer multi-vehicle crashBoston, MA (July 12, 2018) – Boston police responded to an injury accident on the William F. McClellan Highway on Wednesday.  Just after 8:30 am, police received reports of an accident involving injuries at this location.   The accident involved multiple cars, although the cause of the crash is still unknown as police have not released any additional details.  Officer Kevin Golden of the Boston Police Department investigated the crash.

The condition of the injured victims is also unknown at this time.  The Boston police are still investigating the crash and any additional details, including the identity of the drivers and any charges from the accident, will be released as soon as they are made available.

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download-4-1Boston, MA (July 7, 2018) – Binney Street in Boston was the site of an injury accident on Wednesday afternoon.  At 6:34 am, Boston Police report receiving a call regarding a crash with personal injury.  Officers on duty were dispatched to the accident scene shortly after receiving the call.  Upon arrival, they discovered that at least one person was injured as a result of the collision.

Upon discovering the injures, officers also requested medical assistance on scene.  EMS responded to provide aid and treatment was given at the accident site by emergency workers.  We do not believe at this time that the motorist’s injuries were life-threatening.  Officers did not identify those involved in the crash.  This accident remains under investigation with the Boston Police Department.

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Vehicle and Bus Crash on I-93Boston, MA (July 7, 2018) – Boston Police responded to the scene of a crash with injuries on Friday.   The crash call came to the department at 6:33 pm.  Officer Matthew Wyman was dispatched to the scene on Blue Hill Avenue.  The crash caused injury to those involved.  EMS provided medical treatment to the injured victims at the crash site while police worked the area to make sure traffic was able to pass through.

The wreck was cleared away quickly by officers on scene.  The injuries sustained were not life-threatening.  Police did not indicate the identity of the driver involved in this crash or the mechanism of the accident.  The identify of the drivers is also unknown.

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Route 93 HOV Lane Closed Due to CrashBoston, MA (July 6, 2018) – A crash involving injuries has been reported within the Boston city limits on Thursday.  The crash happened just before 2:00 pm on Taunton Avenue.  A team of officers from the Boston Police Department, along with medical personnel were radioed to the scene of the collision.  Once there, they encountered a multi vehicle crash with damage to vehicles and injuries to those involved in the crash.  We do not have information at this time as to whether the injuries incurred were life-threatening.

The Boston police are still in the process of conducting a crash analysis in order to determine exactly how this serious accident occurred.  They are observing the scene and putting together a report with their conclusions regarding the accident.  While the investigation remains ongoing, they have not released any further details about the extent of the injuries or the drivers who were part of the crash.

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Accident on Washington StreetBoston, MA (July 6, 2018) – Police in Boston responded to a vehicle crash early Thursday morning on River Street.  A call came into the Boston Police dispatch line around 4:30 am.  The caller requested a police response to the scene for an accident involving injuries.  Boston police officer Frank Lee was quickly dispatched to the accident site.  Officer Lee arrived on River Street and began his investigation into the accident.  He discovered at least one person suffering from injuries on scene.  Officer Lee called for EMS to respond as well.

The injured victim was evaluated and treated on site.  There is no word on their condition or identity at this time.  The Boston police are conducting additional investigation and have not released a cause for the crash.

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images-6 Boston, MA (July 6, 2018) –  The Boston Police Department and rescue workers responded to an accident with injuries that took place in the city on Thursday evening.  The accident happened just before 5:30 pm when two cars collided on Bernard Street.  Officer Jarrell Greene of the BPD was among the group of first responders to come to the crash location.  Officer Greene secured the scene while he worked to investigate the cause of the crash.

During the course of the investigation, it was discovered that at least one person suffered injuries requiring medical treatment.  Treatment was given on scene and the injuries are not life-threatening.  Police are still investigating the crash and have given no further information on the cause or identities of those involved.  There were some traffic delays while police worked to clear away the wreckage and re-open the road for traffic.

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Two Hit-and-Run Accidents in Danvers on ThursdayBoston, MA (July 6, 2018) – At least two hit and run accidents happened across Boston in the last 24 hours.  This is certainly not a trend that anyone hopes will continue for the upcoming weekend.

This accident occurred Thursday just after 1:00 am at 601 Park Street.  This time, BPD officer Karissa Scano received a call for a reported accident with injuries.   Officer Scano responded to Park Street within a matter of minutes.  She discovered a hit and run collision upon her arrival on scene.   Officer Scano quickly observed that the driver was injured in the hit and run and called for medical treatment.

EMS personnel administered medical care to the injured victim while Officer Scano conducted a traffic investigation.  Officers canvassed the area for signs of the hit and run vehicle but were met with negative results.  As of Friday morning, the search continues.  The vehicle is expected to have some type of damage, possibly to its front end.

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