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Boston, MA (July 14, 2018) – An accident on Washington Street had Boston police busy Wednesday morning.  The call was received by police just after 8:00 am and referenced an accident with injuries occurring in the area.  As officers arrived, they confirmed the details of the call as they discovered a car accident with personal injuries.

Officers quickly blocked the area in an around the crash.  They began an investigation and took statements from witnesses while attempting to determine a cause for the collision.  As of this time, officers have not publicly released a statement regarding a cause of the crash.  The crash is still under investigation by the BPD.  The extent of injuries is not known at this time.

As police were working the accident scene, traffic slowed in the area around Washington Street.  Motorists had to be temporarily re-routed around the crash and some delays were reported in the area while the investigation remained active.  Traffic returned to normal after officers cleared the scene.

images-2-1Lynn, MA (July 13, 2018) – Police in Lynn responded to two injury accidents on Thursday.  One crash occurred late Thursday at 624 Chestnut Street.  Earlier in the day, officers also responded to an injury crash at 300 Broad Street.  The Broad Street accident call was received at 3:48 pm and it is believed that the crash occurred just moments earlier.

Lynn police investigated this accident and documented that at least one person suffered unknown injuries as a result of the crash.  EMS personnel assisted the injured victim on scene, along with officers and fire department officials.  Police have not released a detailed description or cause of this crash and the accident remains under investigation as of Friday.   No other information is publicly available at this time.

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748825_crash_car-300x242Worcester, MA (July 12, 2018) – Worcester police were called to an injury accident in the 1 block of Millbury Street early Thursday morning. Police received a call around 4;00 am regarding an accident with injuries that had just occurred at this location.  In response to the call, Worcester police, fire and ambulance officials were all dispatched to the accident scene.  Once there, police blocked off the area while fire and EMS workers aided the injured.

This crash involved multiple vehicles and there were injuries, although the extent of injuries remains unknown at this time.  Police have not said what caused the accident or provided any information on whether they expect to issue traffic citations for any legal violations that may have taken place leading up to the crash.  The identities of the drivers are not known at this time.

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Accident on Route 95 at Exit 8Salem, MA (July 11, 2018) – A two car accident in Salem, Massachusetts on Monday resulted in injuries to at least one driver.  The accident happened at 192 Marlborough Road at approximately 4:00.  Salem Police responded to the scene and began investigating the crash.

Fire and EMS units also responded to the accident.  One person suffered injuries.  The person was treated on scene before being transported to a local hospital for further evaluation.  Salem Police are still investigating this crash and how it occurred. No word at this time on the identity of the drivers or whether charges will be filed.  The accident is pending further investigation.

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download-4Leverett, MA (July 8, 2018) – One person was sent to the hospital early Saturday morning following a crash that left a car engulfed in flames.  Leverett police say that the accident happened on Cave Hill Road.  The driver crashed into a telephone pole after swerving to avoid a deer that had run into the roadway.  The car caught fire after striking the telephone pole.

Officials with the Leverett Fire Department responded and were able to remove the driver from the vehicle.  The driver was transported to a nearby hospital for evaluation.  There were no other vehicles or passengers involved in the crash.  There is no word on the extent of the injuries as of Saturday evening.

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images-6 Boston, MA (July 6, 2018) –  The Boston Police Department and rescue workers responded to an accident with injuries that took place in the city on Thursday evening.  The accident happened just before 5:30 pm when two cars collided on Bernard Street.  Officer Jarrell Greene of the BPD was among the group of first responders to come to the crash location.  Officer Greene secured the scene while he worked to investigate the cause of the crash.

During the course of the investigation, it was discovered that at least one person suffered injuries requiring medical treatment.  Treatment was given on scene and the injuries are not life-threatening.  Police are still investigating the crash and have given no further information on the cause or identities of those involved.  There were some traffic delays while police worked to clear away the wreckage and re-open the road for traffic.

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Serious Car Crash on Grafton StreetWorcester, MA (July 3, 2018) – Worcester police responded to a crash in the 1 block of Lake Avenue North on Monday.  Police were first dispatched to the crash scene just after 3:00 pm after receiving a call for assistance to the area.  Fire and rescue personnel were also on scene due to the injuries caused in this crash.  One person was treated on scene.  The extent of injuries are unknown.

Traffic on Lake Avenue was disrupted as the road was shut down while police worked the crash scene.  The damaged vehicles were removed from the street while officers took statements from the drivers and considered all factors which may have caused the crash.  As of Tuesday, the police investigation into the accident remained ongoing and officers had not publicly released any information regarding the cause.

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Injury Accident on Eastern AvenueWorcester, MA (July 3, 2018) – The holiday week is off to an unenviable start in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Police responded to at least five car accidents involving injuries, all of which took place on Monday at different locations across the city.  One of of the many injury crashes occurred Monday morning on Mill Street.  The call came in to police around 8:00 am regarding on accident with injuries in the 500 block of Mill.

Officers along with medical and fire personnel responded to the crash upon receiving the initial dispatch.  When they arrived, they located at least one person suffering from injuries caused by the crash.  The injured victim was treated at the scene and, fortunately, appears that they will recover from their injuries.

Vehicle Accident Reported at Ashcroft StreetWorcester, MA (July 3, 2018) – A crash causing injuries was reported to Worcester police on Monday afternoon.  The accident in question took place in the 1 block of Vale Street, according to initial reports filed by the Worcester Police Department.  The accident happened around 1:00 pm.  Initial reports also note that there were injuries sustained by the individuals involved in the crash.  Based on current available information, the extent of the injuries and whether they are considered life-threatening is not known at this time.

Worcester Police are still investigating this accident and have yet to release an official cause of the crash.  It is therefore too soon to make any conclusions regarding driver negligence and, ultimately, who might be responsible for the injuries sustained in the collision.  If any additional information becomes available we will bring it to you.

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250307_wrecked_beemer-300x224Worcester, MA (July 1, 2018) – An accident with injuries was reported to Worcester police around noon on Saturday, June 30th.  Reports indicate that the crash occurred within the Worceseter city limits in the 100 block of Gold Star Boulevard.   Gold Star Boulevard is located just off the downtown area in a busy section of the city.

Officers responding to this location found that multiple cars were involved in the crash.  Unfortunately, there were also injuries reported in the collision though the extent of injuries is unknown at this time.  Police have not determined a cause for the crash and will continue their investigation.  All involved in this accident cooperated with officers on scene.  This accident is filed under report number 2018000071367 with the Worcester Police Department.  No other details were immediately available as of Sunday morning.

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