Worcester, MA – Accident Reported on Mill Street

Injury Accident on Eastern AvenueWorcester, MA (July 3, 2018) – The holiday week is off to an unenviable start in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Police responded to at least five car accidents involving injuries, all of which took place on Monday at different locations across the city.  One of of the many injury crashes occurred Monday morning on Mill Street.  The call came in to police around 8:00 am regarding on accident with injuries in the 500 block of Mill.

Officers along with medical and fire personnel responded to the crash upon receiving the initial dispatch.  When they arrived, they located at least one person suffering from injuries caused by the crash.  The injured victim was treated at the scene and, fortunately, appears that they will recover from their injuries.

The cause of this crash is still the subject of an active investigation by Worcester police.  No charges have been issued at this time.

Massachusetts Personal Injury Attorneys

This car accident, unfortunately, resulted in injuries to those involved.  On a brighter note, it appears that the injuries were not life-threatening and that there will be a quick and full recovery from any injuries were sustained.

Car accident injuries can pose special problems.  Many times, injuries do not become apparent until long after the accident occurs.  Sometimes, the initial treatment does not fully heal or cure the injury and future treatment, such as surgery is needed.  In such cases, you must hire an experienced injury attorney to help you.  If you settle your case too soon, you risk undervaluing your claim and failing to cover the cost of future medical bills.  This is a bad situation, to say the least.

After an accident, your focus should be solely on receiving proper medical treatment and recovery.  You should not be worrying about the legal aspects of your personal injury claim with the insurance company.  Leave the worrying to a trained professional with a proven track record of success in these types of situations.

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