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download-4-4Andover, MA (July 5, 2018) – A crash with injuries occurred Wednesday on 495 South in Andover, Massachusetts.  The crash happened near Route 93.  The accident happened when a driver left the roadway for an unknown reason and crashed into a set of trees off the right side of the highway.  Police in Andover along with fire and emergency officials came to the crash scene to survey the damage and evaluate the driver for injuries.

The driver received medical treatment at the crash site.  It is not known if additional treatment was necessary but the injuries do not appear to be life-threatening.  Police have not released a cause for the crash or why the vehicle may have left the road.  The accident is still under investigation at this time.

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Injury Accident on Eastern AvenueWorcester, MA (July 3, 2018) – The holiday week is off to an unenviable start in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Police responded to at least five car accidents involving injuries, all of which took place on Monday at different locations across the city.  One of of the many injury crashes occurred Monday morning on Mill Street.  The call came in to police around 8:00 am regarding on accident with injuries in the 500 block of Mill.

Officers along with medical and fire personnel responded to the crash upon receiving the initial dispatch.  When they arrived, they located at least one person suffering from injuries caused by the crash.  The injured victim was treated at the scene and, fortunately, appears that they will recover from their injuries.

Teen Charged in Downtown Boston Shooting

The violent, criminal actions that hurt victims are hard to understand.

A teenager has been charged with shooting another teen in Boston’s Downtown Crossing.

The teen was apprehended on Wednesday and held at Boston Juvenile Court. He is accused of shooting a 17-year-old in the chest. Neither of the teen’s names have been released at this time.

Student Waiting for Bus Attacked by Man
It can be hard to understand why people commit violent acts towards each other.

A high school student who was waiting for her bus was attacked by a fan who was claiming to be an Uber driver.

This incident was later reported to the Stoughton Police. It appears that the girl was shaken but not injured.

Man from Brockton Charged with Stabbing Stepfather
It can be hard to understand why people commit violent acts against one another as these actions can be devastating.

A 28-year-old man stabbed his stepfather on Tuesday. Darryl Sanders-McClure was arraigned on Wednesday on three counts of assault. The victim had stab wounds in his back and head.

We know how hard it can be to understand why people commit violent acts against one another. We also recognize that sometimes these conflicts can be very complicated and involved multiple parties. We do not know all the details of the above case. But, we do know that victims can seek to recover their rights when someone causes injury to them.

Police Looking for Person who Shot Mattapan Man
Random acts of violence are so hard to wrap our minds around. We are left asking why this happened.

Boston police are looking for a person who shot a man on Tuesday morning in Mattapan.

This incident occurred at around 10:45 in the morning near a home on 50 Evelyn Street. The condition of the victim was not yet known. We will update this story if we find out more.

Brockton Fire Squad Respond to Emergency with Multiple Victims
Fires can begin quickly and spread swiftly.

Brockton Fire Squad 1 and Ladder 1 and 5 EMS units responded to a medical emergency with multiple victims at 139 Pleasant Street. This incident occurred at around 7:30 in the evening on May 12. This is all that is known about this incident at this time.

Fires can be a dangerous and deadly force. They can do significant damage to property as well as to people. If someone is acting negligently or not taking the proper safety precautions, they could end up causing a fire. Fires can cause burn injuries, and these can be some of the most painful personal injuries to face. If you’ve been injured in a fire that was caused by someone else, you could seek compensation for what happened.

Cataldo Ambulance Update
We are always looking to bring you varied and accurate stories about accidents happening across Massachusetts. We will bring you more detail reports as well as initial reports. With initial reports, we will bring you more details as we learn about them.

The Cataldo Ambulance congratulated firefighters who worked on the 6-alarm fire in Chelsea as well as the 2-alarm Somerville fire. Both of these fires occurred on May 3.

Fires can have devastating consequences. They can cause severe injury as well as change a person’s life by destroying their belongings.

Police Arrest Man in Connection with Stabbing in ChelseaPolice have arrested a man in connection with the stabbing of a waitress in Chelsea that happened this last Monday night.

Authorities say they have arrested Gerardo Reyes Menjivar, 36. He was taken into custody in Beltsville on Thursday morning and is facing multiple charges.

Chelsea Police Chief Brian Kyes issued a statement that praised the work of the officers.

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