Boston, MA – Pedestrian Struck, Injured in Accident on Clarkwood Street

Pedestrian Struck by Norwood HospitalBoston, MA (July 14, 2018) – A pedestrian in Boston was injured after being struck by a vehicle on Wednesday.  The pedestrian was struck while walking on  Clarkwood Street at 4:50 pm when they were hit by a car also traveling on the same roadway.  Police on scene report that the pedestrian was injured as a result of the collision but have not confirmed whether the pedestrian suffered any serious or life-threatening injuries.

Following the crash, the vehicle driver remained on scene and cooperated with the police investigation into the crash.   It is not known whether the pedestrian was in a crosswalk or other marked area when the crash occurred or whether the vehicle driver will face charges for causing the accident.  Police are continuing to investigate this crash.  Should any additional information become available we will bring it to you.

Boston Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Pedestrians are out and about on the streets of Boston on a daily basis.  There are over 600,000 people who call our city home in addition to the thousands of tourists that visit throughout the year.  This means that you cannot go anywhere in the city without encountering a large number of pedestrians.  This pedestrian accident on Clarkwood Street is a reminder that pedestrian accidents occur every day across our city.

In this crash, police are still examining the circumstances which led to the accident.  Ultimately, the outcome of the police investigation will help determine whether the pedestrian has any legal claims against the driver.  Whether the pedestrian was in a marked area, whether the pedestrian looked both ways before crossing the street and whether there were any distractions leading to the crash will all be important things considered by the Boston police in deciding who was responsible for this crash.

Pedestrian accidents in which a driver is at fault can lead to a legal action against the driver for negligence.  In such actions, the pedestrian has the right to recover for injuries and losses that they sustained in the accident.  This includes pain and suffering, lost wages and out of pocket medical costs, including prescription medication expenses, incurred in the accident.

If you have experienced a pedestrian accident in our city, you have legal rights and need to speak with a personal injury attorney immediately.  At he Jeffrey Glassman Injury Lawyers, we focus our practice on personal injury, including pedestrian accidents.  You should not try to handle a matter like this on your own, there is too much at stake. To discuss your case with us for free, please call us at 617-367-2900.


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