Boston, MA – Injury Crash Reported on Harrison Avenue

images-1-6-300x158Boston, MA (July 14, 2018) – Police in Boston responded to a vehicle crash Thursday morning on Harrison Avenue.  A call was received around 5:50 am requesting police response to the scene for an accident involving injuries.  Boston police officer Thomas Antonino was quickly dispatched to the crash scene.  Officer Antonino arrived on Harrison Avenue and began a crash investigation.  He discovered at least one person suffering from injuries inflicted in the accident and called for EMS to respond as well.

The injured victim was evaluated and treated on scene.  No word on their condition or identity at this time.  The Boston police have marked this accident for additional investigation and have not released a cause for the crash.

Boston Car Accident Attorneys

We hope for the best for the injured victims in this accident on Harrison Avenue.  Boston Police have released little information concerning the crash at this time.  Therefore, it would be speculation for us to say who might have been at fault for this crash or even how the crash could have occurred.

In a typical personal injury case, the police report is a valuable piece of information that is utilized to your advantage by a good personal injury attorney.  A police officer is often the only unbiased witness at the scene of an accident.  In cases where only the drivers themselves witnessed the crash, the skills and training of the investigating officer are crucial in determining what happened.  Officers on scene take witness statements but they also attempt to reconstruct the crash by looking at things such as vehicle positioning, brake impressions, skid marks, etc.  All of these things provide clues about what happened in the crash and many times can tell the true story of the crash.

If you’ve been hurt in a collision, you may not think that you need an attorney.  Whenever you are involved in a crash, you are facing major uncertainty about your future.  However, the decisions you make right after the accident can have a huge impact on how your future shapes up in the months and years to come.

At the Jeffrey Glassman Injury Lawyers, we focus our practice on personal injury and have experience in accidents involving all types of vehicles and circumstances.  Our team of attorneys knows how to help if you have been injured in a Massachusetts car accident.   Our team knows Massachusetts injury laws inside and out and we know how to apply them to your benefit.  Even better for you, we recover nothing unless you also recover money for your injuries. There is absolutely no obligation on your part.  You have nothing to lose if we take your case and nothing to lose by calling us.

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