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Worcester, MA (July 14, 2018) – Police in Worcester, Massachusetts received a call on Thursday regarding  a hit and run in the 1 block of Loxwood Avenue.  Police quickly responded to the call, which came in around 6:00 pm.  Upon their arrival to the scene, officers were able to confirm that a crash had just occurred in the area.  One victim was left behind at the crash site suffering from injuries that were sustained in the collision.

Officers requested a medical unit to respond to the 1 block of Loxwood and administer medical treatment.   First aid was given by EMTs.  The other individual involved in the crash decided not to stay and speak with police as the driver quickly left the scene of the crash.  Police have been unable to locate this driver as of the time this story is reported.  The driver will almost certainly face charges when and if they are located.  There is no word on the severity of the injuries sustained in the crash or the identify of those involved.

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Two Hit-and-Run Accidents in Danvers on ThursdayBoston, MA (July 6, 2018) – At least two hit and run accidents happened across Boston in the last 24 hours.  This is certainly not a trend that anyone hopes will continue for the upcoming weekend.

This accident occurred Thursday just after 1:00 am at 601 Park Street.  This time, BPD officer Karissa Scano received a call for a reported accident with injuries.   Officer Scano responded to Park Street within a matter of minutes.  She discovered a hit and run collision upon her arrival on scene.   Officer Scano quickly observed that the driver was injured in the hit and run and called for medical treatment.

EMS personnel administered medical care to the injured victim while Officer Scano conducted a traffic investigation.  Officers canvassed the area for signs of the hit and run vehicle but were met with negative results.  As of Friday morning, the search continues.  The vehicle is expected to have some type of damage, possibly to its front end.

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