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Route 93 HOV Lane Closed Due to CrashBoston, MA (July 6, 2018) – A crash involving injuries has been reported within the Boston city limits on Thursday.  The crash happened just before 2:00 pm on Taunton Avenue.  A team of officers from the Boston Police Department, along with medical personnel were radioed to the scene of the collision.  Once there, they encountered a multi vehicle crash with damage to vehicles and injuries to those involved in the crash.  We do not have information at this time as to whether the injuries incurred were life-threatening.

The Boston police are still in the process of conducting a crash analysis in order to determine exactly how this serious accident occurred.  They are observing the scene and putting together a report with their conclusions regarding the accident.  While the investigation remains ongoing, they have not released any further details about the extent of the injuries or the drivers who were part of the crash.

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1099135_motorcycle_-_blur_focus-300x200Truro, MA (July 2, 2018) – A car vs. motorcycle collision took place in Truro, Massachusetts on Sunday.  The accident happened just before 9:00 pm near Pilgrim Heights.  According to Truro Police, the crash involved the motorcycle and Volkswagen Tiguan.   The motorcycle was lying on its side in the roadway when police arrived.  A second motorcyclist had to “lay down” his bike to avoid becoming part of the collision as well.

The motorcycle operator was taken by ambulance to Cape Cod Hospital with unspecified injuries.  Neither the driver of the Tiguan nor the second motorcycle rider were hurt.  There is no immediate word on what caused this collision as Truro police continue to investigate the surrounding circumstances.

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Aden Melton Involved in Vehicle Crash at Tiger Pride DriveWorcester, MA (June 28, 2018) – Worcester police responded to a multiple vehicle injury accident in the 300 block of Southbridge Street around 8:00 pm Wednesday.  Southbridge Street is located just south of the center of town, near Holy Cross College.  Officers responded to the scene shortly after the call came in to police headquarters.

Police on scene discovered that one person had been injured in this crash.  Other units, including medical personnel, responded to the accident to assist police.  Police took statements from those involved in the crash and complete an initial crash report.  No one has been charged at this time and it is not clear if charges will be issued.  The condition of those injured is unknown.  No further details about this crash were made immediately available by officers.  Should we learn additional information we will update this story.

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Accident on Belgrade AvenueWorcester, MA (June 28, 2018) – Worcester police had another active day on Wednesday responding to a rash of motor vehicle crashes across the city.  Around 9:00 pm police were called to the 400 block of Granite Street in reference to a multiple vehicle accident with injuries.  Upon arrival, police located an injured victim in the roadway as well as the vehicles and drivers involved in the crash.

A preliminary investigation was conducted into the accident although the results of the investigation were not released by police.  The injured victim received on scene medical treatment but at this time it is unknown whether the injuries are serious or life-threatening.  The victim has not been identified by police and no charges have been issued in this crash.  Further information will be provided should any new details of the accident become available.

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Bicycle Accident at Temple PlaceCambridge, MA (June 28, 2018) – A bicyclist in Cambridge was hurt Wednesday when they collided with a car in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  The bicyclist was riding on Franklin Street, near Bay Street around 1:00 pm when they collided with a car traveling at the same location.  The resulting collision left the bicyclist with injuries.  Cambridge Police investigated the crash.

Officers have not released additional details surrounding the collision as they continue to investigate.  Fortunately, the bicyclist’s injuries are not life-threatening and it appears as though they escape this crash relatively unscathed.  There is no word on whether police intend to charge the driver for their role in the accident or why this collision occurred in the first place.

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download-5-1Norwood, MA (June 27, 2018) – A pedestrian was struck Tuesday while walking along the road in Norwood, Massachusetts.  Norwood police responded to a call for a pedestrian accident Tuesday morning.  Upon arrival, they located a victim in the roadway suffering from injuries.  After further investigation, police determined that the victim had be struck by a passing vehicle.  Along with police, EMS also responded to the crash.  The pedestrian suffered serious, but non life-threatening injuries and was airlifted to a hospital in Boston for treatment.

The Norwood police are actively investigating this crash.  The driver of the vehicle remained on scene and cooperated with the police investigation.  There is no word yet on the cause of the crash or if police expect to charge the driver.  The injured pedestrian was not immediately identified.

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Car Accident on Route 495 SouthboundWorcester, MA (June 26, 2018) – Police in Worcester, Massachusetts received a report of an accident involving injuries on Monday afternoon.  The call came in to police around 1:00 pm with details of a multiple vehicle accident with injuries in the 200 block of Chandler Street.  After receiving the call, Worcester police officers responded to the scene of the accident.  When they arrived, officers verified that at least one driver had been injured in this crash.  As a result of the injuries, medical personnel also arrived on the scene to administer treatment.

There is no word at this time on the severity of the injuries sustained or whether the injured victims were transported to a hospital to receive treatment.  As any further details are made available, we will bring them to you.  The cause of this crash is still under investigation by the Worcester police department.

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Massachusetts personal injury attorney car accidentAn injury accident was on Child Street was reported to Boston Police on Friday.  The accident report came in to police headquarters at around 4:20 pm.  This accident was one out of several that Boston police officers worked on Friday.  In total, Friday was a very busy day for Boston Police as they responded to more than 20 accidents and at least 9 of them involved personal injuries.  On the positive side, none of the accidents in our city are believed to have resulted in life-threatening injuries.

Officer Stphen Crimmins of the BPD responded to the Child Street Crash after receiving the call.  This crash did involve injuries to at least one person.  Officer Crimmins secured the scene and routed traffic around the accident while he spoke with the involved drivers, surveyed the damaged vehicles and completed his written traffic report.  Officer Crimmins, with the assistance of others, was able to clear the accident scene of debris and damaged vehicles.  After the scene was cleared, traffic resumed its normal flow in this area of the city.  No cause of the crash has been released by the Boston Police Department.

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download-1-1-300x168The Boston Police had a busy day on Friday in the aftermath of numerous injury accident being reported across the city.  Police seemingly went from one accident scene to the next after receiving nearly 20 calls regarding car accidents.  One particular call came in to Officer Gregory Joseph of the Boston Police Department.  Officer Joseph was on routine patrol when he received a call regarding an accident with injuries on Bird Street.  The call came in just after 4:00 pm.

Officer Joseph arrived on scene and confirmed that, unfortunately, there were injuries sustained in this crash. The injuries are not believed to be life-threatening.  There were no charges associated with the crash and the injured victim received treatment on scene.  Police did not identify the drivers involved.

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download-1-2A car accident with injuries was reported to the Boston Police Department on Friday morning at around 8:30 am.  Police were called to  Columbus Avenue in reference to an accident with injuries.   Officers arrived on scene and did find that injuries were sustained in this crash.  The crash is still under police investigation and there is no word on what may have caused it to occur.

Traffic on Columbus Avenue was slowed down temporarily as city residents made their way into work on Friday.  The officers on scene were able to clear away the accident in fairly short order, however, and traffic was able to return to normal at the scene shortly after 9:00 am.  All involved in the accident stayed at the scene to cooperate with the investigating officers.

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