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images-1-3Marstons Mills, MA (June 26, 2018) – A crash in Marstons Mills, Massachusetts sent two people to the hospital with serious injuries this morning.  Police were called to the intersection Santuit-Newton Road and School Street upon report of a two vehicle accident in the area.  Upon arrival, they discovered two badly damaged vehicles in the roadway.  Nearby residents came from their houses to help free the trapped drivers.

Rescue workers took over at the accident scene and administered emergency medical treatment to both drivers. Both were transported to Cape Cod Hospital with serious injuries. It is not known if the injuries are life-threatening.  Police have not released complete details surrounding the crash, but they have said that both vehicles collided with each other at a high rate of speed.  The accident is pending further investigation and there is no word if charges will be filed.

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download-1-2A car accident with injuries was reported to the Boston Police Department on Friday morning at around 8:30 am.  Police were called to  Columbus Avenue in reference to an accident with injuries.   Officers arrived on scene and did find that injuries were sustained in this crash.  The crash is still under police investigation and there is no word on what may have caused it to occur.

Traffic on Columbus Avenue was slowed down temporarily as city residents made their way into work on Friday.  The officers on scene were able to clear away the accident in fairly short order, however, and traffic was able to return to normal at the scene shortly after 9:00 am.  All involved in the accident stayed at the scene to cooperate with the investigating officers.

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download-2-1Several Boston Police Officers were injured, one seriously, when they tried to arrest a suspect on Wednesday evening.  Officers responded to a call from EMTs who were trying to transport the man to a nearby hospital under a court order, but he had become uncooperative. When they arrived on scene, police were met by a 22 year old man. The man quickly became combative with police as they tried to handcuff.  He punched, kicked and bit the officers before removing a screwdriver and attempting to stab them.

Police were eventually able to subdue the man, however, he bit an officer in the head during the struggle.  Before the fight ended, he also kicked another officer in the chest and pulled out  a second screwdriver.  Boston Police commissioner Williams Evans commended the work of the officers and applauded their restraint in the use of force.

All officer were taken to a nearby hospital.  The officer with serious injuries is expected to be ok, but will take some time to recover.  The suspect was arrested on a variety of assault-related charges.

Accident on Gates StreetA multi vehicle crash with injuries was reported to Worcester police on Wednesday night.  The call came in to the department around 9:00 pm.  The caller advised that a car accident with injuries had just occurred in the 200 block of Lincoln Street.

Worcester police responded to the accident scene immediately after receiving the call.  Officers were able to locate the injured victim and treatment was given.  The cause of this crash remains under investigation by the department.  Officers have not provided information concerning the severity or extent of injuries.  Traffic at the crash scene was slowed momentarily as officers worked to clear the roadway.  Traffic was resumed to normal flow in the area after a brief delay.

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Another Vehicle Crash in Woolwich Causes InjuriesPolice in North Attleborough, Massachusetts responded to an injury accident  around 9:00 am on Monday morning.  The crash occurred in the southbound lanes of I-95 just before Exit 5.  Upon arrival at the scene, police found a multiple vehicle crash with injuries.  Officers then radioed for medical assistance to tend to injured victims.  EMS responded to the crash scene and rendered first aid.

Officers spent approximately an hour investigating the crash, taking witness statements and clearing the area of debris left in the roadway by the collision.  After the investigation was complete, the crash was cleared away and traffic flow resumed to normal for the morning commute, although motorists encountered heavy residual delays due to the traffic back up caused by the accident.

There is no word at this time on the condition of the injured victims or their identities.

A bicyclist in Worcester has serious injuries after a collision with a motor vehicle that occurred on Friday evening.  The collision happened on Queen Street, near the intersection with Chandler Street.  The cyclist was riding on Queen Street when she entered the intersection at a traffic light.  Upon entering the intersection, the woman collided with an oncoming vehicle traveling in the opposite direction, hitting her head against the driver’s side door of the vehicle.

The woman was injured as a result of the collision.  Medical assistance was called to the scene by investigating officers with the Worcester Police Department.  The woman did sustain a large cut to her head from the impact with the door.  Further updates on her condition were not immediately provided.  At this time, however, authorities do not believe her injuries to be life-threatening.  Witnesses on scene stated to police that the car had a green light when it proceeded into the intersection prior to the collision.  The woman has not been identified.

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Car Accident at Expressway NorthAn accident with reported injuries happened on Thursday afternoon in Boston.  At 2:56 pm, authorities responded to Adams Street in reference to a motor vehicle collision.  Officer Kenneth Gee with the Boston Police Department was one of the first officers to arrive on scene.  Officer Gee began his investigation of the accident and discovered that at least one person sustained injuries.  Medical treatment was administered to the injured victim, but no word currently on their condition.

The accident remains under police investigation.  The cause of the crash was not immediately released.

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downloadThe Boston Police Department responded to an accident between a bicyclist and a motor vehicle on Thursday afternoon.  At approximately 1:15 pm, the BPD was dispatched the accident scene.  Officer Exhni Qirici took the call for service.  Upon arrival, Officer Qirici observed that the bicyclist was injured in the crash.  Medical personnel also responded to the scene.

There is no additional word on injuries at this time and the names of those involved have not been released.  There is no indication that the injuries are life-threatening.  Police have not said whether the driver of the vehicle will face charges.

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images-2Boston Police responded to a pedestrian injury accident on Thursday morning.  The accident happened at around 10:00 am at 3035 E. Washington Street.  That is where police received a report that a motor vehicle struck a pedestrian in the roadway.  Boston Police Officer Brendan Wheeler handled the call for help.

While we know that the pedestrian was injured, the extent of the injuries remains unknown at this time.   Neither the driver of the vehicle nor the pedestrian have been identified.  The accident remains currently under further investigation.

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images-1A four vehicle crash in Dennis, Massachusetts sent three people to the hospital on Thursday.  The crash happened on Route 6 at approximately 9:35 am.  The Dennis and Harwich Fire Departments responded to the scene of the crash.   The crash involved three passenger vehicles and a UPS delivery truck.  Medical personnel also responded to the crash and transported the three injured patients via ambulance to a nearby hospital.  At this time, authorities report that the injuries sustained in the crash are not life-threatening.

At this time, Massachusetts State Police are investigating the crash.  There is no word on the cause of the collision or the condition of those injured.

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