Boston Police Officers Injured By Suspect

download-2-1Several Boston Police Officers were injured, one seriously, when they tried to arrest a suspect on Wednesday evening.  Officers responded to a call from EMTs who were trying to transport the man to a nearby hospital under a court order, but he had become uncooperative. When they arrived on scene, police were met by a 22 year old man. The man quickly became combative with police as they tried to handcuff.  He punched, kicked and bit the officers before removing a screwdriver and attempting to stab them.

Police were eventually able to subdue the man, however, he bit an officer in the head during the struggle.  Before the fight ended, he also kicked another officer in the chest and pulled out  a second screwdriver.  Boston Police commissioner Williams Evans commended the work of the officers and applauded their restraint in the use of force.

All officer were taken to a nearby hospital.  The officer with serious injuries is expected to be ok, but will take some time to recover.  The suspect was arrested on a variety of assault-related charges.

Boston Workers Compensation

The officers in this case were injured in the line of duty.   In Massachusetts, if an employee is injured during the course and scope of their employment they can be eligible for certain benefits under our workers compensation laws.  Workers compensation benefits include a portion of weekly wages, disability payments, as well as costs of medical treatment for the injuries sustained.

Not all workers compensation claims are disputed by the employer.  Sometimes, however, a question arises regarding the specific injury.  Typically, the issue is whether the employee was acting in the scope of their employment when the injury was sustained.  Other times, the employer may question whether the injury was caused by activities at their workplace.  Also, the employer may question the employee’s diagnosis or entitlement to specific benefits.

Workers compensation law is not a simple area.  There is a very specific process to follow to ensure that a case makes its way through the system in a proper manner.  Failure to file the proper documents or to give the correct notices immediately after an injury can result in your entire case being denied.

This is not something you should ever attempt to do on your own.  To speak with an experienced Boston workers compensation attorney, call us at the Jeffrey Glassman Injury Lawyers today.   Our number 617-367-2900.  We are standing by waiting for your call.

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