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images-3All across Massachusetts, commercial trucks are a common site.  These trucks are the preferred method of companies hauling their products from place to place and motorists in our state share our highways with them on a daily basis.  Unfortunately, drivers of these trucks are just as prone to negligence or recklessness as any other driver on the road.  When this happens, serious crashes can occur involving catastrophic injury and even death.  If you find yourself involved in a commercial truck crash, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

Follow These Steps After a Truck Accident:

1. Check on everyone: Of course, the first priority is ensuring that everyone is safe immediately after the crash.  Check on any other drivers and passengers involved in the crash and secure medical treatment for any injured victims as soon as possible

download-3-1Boston, MA (June 30, 2018) – An accident in Boston left one person with injuries on Friday.  The accident happened at 6:30 pm on 255 Norwell Street.  Officer Emly English of the Boston Police Department answered the call for assistance and responded to the scene of the crash.  There, she located at least one person suffering from injuries caused by the crash.  There is no word at this time on the sequence of events leading to the accident or the condition of the injured victim.

Officer English secured the scene and diverted traffic flow around the accident while she investigated.  The identity of those involved was not immediately released and it is unknown if charges are expected to be filed at this time.  We hope for the full and quick recovery for anyone injured in this crash on Norwell Street.

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download-2-1Several Boston Police Officers were injured, one seriously, when they tried to arrest a suspect on Wednesday evening.  Officers responded to a call from EMTs who were trying to transport the man to a nearby hospital under a court order, but he had become uncooperative. When they arrived on scene, police were met by a 22 year old man. The man quickly became combative with police as they tried to handcuff.  He punched, kicked and bit the officers before removing a screwdriver and attempting to stab them.

Police were eventually able to subdue the man, however, he bit an officer in the head during the struggle.  Before the fight ended, he also kicked another officer in the chest and pulled out  a second screwdriver.  Boston Police commissioner Williams Evans commended the work of the officers and applauded their restraint in the use of force.

All officer were taken to a nearby hospital.  The officer with serious injuries is expected to be ok, but will take some time to recover.  The suspect was arrested on a variety of assault-related charges.

Car Accident at Expressway NorthAn accident with reported injuries happened on Thursday afternoon in Boston.  At 2:56 pm, authorities responded to Adams Street in reference to a motor vehicle collision.  Officer Kenneth Gee with the Boston Police Department was one of the first officers to arrive on scene.  Officer Gee began his investigation of the accident and discovered that at least one person sustained injuries.  Medical treatment was administered to the injured victim, but no word currently on their condition.

The accident remains under police investigation.  The cause of the crash was not immediately released.

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images-2Boston Police responded to a pedestrian injury accident on Thursday morning.  The accident happened at around 10:00 am at 3035 E. Washington Street.  That is where police received a report that a motor vehicle struck a pedestrian in the roadway.  Boston Police Officer Brendan Wheeler handled the call for help.

While we know that the pedestrian was injured, the extent of the injuries remains unknown at this time.   Neither the driver of the vehicle nor the pedestrian have been identified.  The accident remains currently under further investigation.

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