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images-2-3A Hazmat situation in Salem, Massachusetts has sent 30 workers to the hospital on Sunday night.  Hazmat officials were called to the scene of the Thermal Cigarettes plant located on Technology Way in reference to a possible chemical leak.  The plant manufactures e-cigarettes and is open 24 hours a day.

Workers at the plant reported feeling sick and nauseous, having issues breathing and feeling as though they were losing consciousness.  They quickly exited the building before authorities could arrive.  All total, about 30 workers were sent to the hospital following reporting of symptoms.  Some workers transported themselves while others went by ambulance.

Fire officials say this is not the first time they have responded to the plant.  Previously, a chlorine leak had resulted in another visit earlier this year.   The plant was tested for hazardous materials and the scene was secured and determined to be safe for re-entry.  There is no word on the condition of those who went to the hospital for treatment.

download-2-1Several Boston Police Officers were injured, one seriously, when they tried to arrest a suspect on Wednesday evening.  Officers responded to a call from EMTs who were trying to transport the man to a nearby hospital under a court order, but he had become uncooperative. When they arrived on scene, police were met by a 22 year old man. The man quickly became combative with police as they tried to handcuff.  He punched, kicked and bit the officers before removing a screwdriver and attempting to stab them.

Police were eventually able to subdue the man, however, he bit an officer in the head during the struggle.  Before the fight ended, he also kicked another officer in the chest and pulled out  a second screwdriver.  Boston Police commissioner Williams Evans commended the work of the officers and applauded their restraint in the use of force.

All officer were taken to a nearby hospital.  The officer with serious injuries is expected to be ok, but will take some time to recover.  The suspect was arrested on a variety of assault-related charges.


January 2017 to March 1, 2018, saw an 11 year high in occupational death for the state of Massachusetts as more and more residents were injured and killed while on the job. According to a new report, construction work remains the most dangerous field, one that accounts for 33% of all job-related deaths. Transportation-related deaths continue to be a large contributor to death rates within the state and a majority of those correlate with seatbelt misuse.


While the death toll cannot be marginalized, these numbers are dwarfed by the number of non-fatal injuries and illnesses which reached more than 79,800 recordable incidents.


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Most people never have to deal with a significant workplace injury throughout the course of their careers. But when accidents do happen, workers’ compensation is intended to provide a safety net for those who become unable to work as a result of their injuries.

Workers’ compensation cases can be complicated. It’s important to have an experienced attorney on your side when pursuing a claim. Some of the complexity inherent in these cases arises from the fact that not all employers have to provide their employees with workers’ compensation benefits.

Workers’ Compensation Claims and Independent Contractors

If you have sustained an injury on a job site, you have choices as to what actions to undertake for compensation. Boston workplace accident attorney

The best way to make the best decision for your case is by consulting with an experienced workplace injury lawyer who can evaluate the details of your injury and help you fully understand your options.

Workers’ Compensation

On Thursday afternoon Boston firefighters were dispatched to a home for something other than a fire. Boston Firefighter Rescue

They were able to save a female resident after she was trapped underneath a grate in the rear of the house.

According to reports, she was attempting to keep warm.

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