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983414_bicycle_path-224x300Salem, MA (July 12, 2018) – A boy crossing the street on his bicycle was struck by a vehicle in Salem on Wednesday.  The collision occurred just before 5:30 pm on Lafayette and Laurel Streets.  The boy, identified only as a 14 year old, was riding his bicycle in a crosswalk at the intersection.  He was about three quarters of the way through the intersection when he was struck by an oncoming vehicle.

Police and an ambulance unit responded to the crash scene to render first aid to the boy.  He suffered what is being described as a non-critical leg injury and was transported to North Shore Children’s Hospital for treatment.  The driver of the vehicle did remain on scene to speak with police.  Officers have charged the driver with failing to yield for a pedestrian.

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Pedestrian Accident near Beacon StreetEaston, MA (July 9, 2018) – An 11 year old boy in Easton, Massachusetts was rushed to a hospital after being struck by an SUV on Sunday afternoon.  According to the Easton Fire Department, the boy was riding his bicycle in front of the Ames Free Library along Main Street when the collision occurred.  It is believed that the SUV driver remained on scene to cooperate with police following the crash.

The boy was rushed to an area hospital for injuries sustained in the accident.  The injuries are not believed to be life-threatening but there is no word on his condition at this time.  Easton police are still investigating the crash.  They have released no other details and it is unclear if they expect to charge the driver for any traffic violations leading up to the accident.

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asphalt-bicycle-bike-686230-300x200Swansea, MA (July 1, 2018) – Tragedy struck for a bicyclist on Saturday morning in Swansea, Massachusetts.  Police there say 76 year old Jose Pacheco was riding a bike in the 500 block of Bark Street when he was struck by a a Jeep Wrangler.  Police received a call immediately after the accident an came to the scene.  Pacheco was suffering from life-threatening injuries.  He was transported to a nearby hospital where he later succumbed to his injuries.

Swansea police detective Jonathan Boyd and Patrolman Kyle Harmon are investigating the cause of the crash.  They are being assisted by crash reconstruction specialists with the Massachsuetts State Police. No charges have been issued at this time, however, police have not said whether they expect to later issues charges.  The driver of the Jeep was identified as a 46 year old woman from Somerset, Massachusetts.  No additional information about the crash is available at this time.

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bicycle-crash-300x199Beverly, MA (June 30, 2018) -A bicyclist was involved in a crash with a vehicle in Beverly, Massachusetts on Friday.  The accident occurred at the intersection of Cabot and Dane Street.  An ambulance was called to the scene to assist the injured bicyclist.  Later, the bicyclist was transported to a local hospital with injuries resulting from the crash.   The condition of the bicyclist is unknown at this time.

Beverly police are still investigating the crash and its cause.  The bicyclist was not immediately identified and police have not yet decided whether to issue any citations for the crash.

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Bicycle Accident at Temple PlaceCambridge, MA (June 28, 2018) – A bicyclist in Cambridge was hurt Wednesday when they collided with a car in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  The bicyclist was riding on Franklin Street, near Bay Street around 1:00 pm when they collided with a car traveling at the same location.  The resulting collision left the bicyclist with injuries.  Cambridge Police investigated the crash.

Officers have not released additional details surrounding the collision as they continue to investigate.  Fortunately, the bicyclist’s injuries are not life-threatening and it appears as though they escape this crash relatively unscathed.  There is no word on whether police intend to charge the driver for their role in the accident or why this collision occurred in the first place.

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1180083_bicycle_parking_2-300x199Harwichport, MA (June 28, 2018) – A bicyclist was injured in a crash with a car on Wednesday afternoon in Harwichport, Massachusetts.  The bicyclist has been identified as a female college student in town for the summer.  The crash happened on Route 28 when the bicyclist, riding the westbound lanes of the road, struck a motor vehicle trying to pull out from a nearby bank.  Emergency crews and police arrived on scene.   The bicyclist was transported to Cape Cod Hospital for injuries sustained in the crash.   The injuries are not believed to be life-threatening.

There are no further details surrounding the condition of the cyclist.  The motor vehicle operator was not injured in the crash.  Police have not said whether the driver or the cyclist had the right of way when the collision occurred. Police investigation remains ongoing.

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bicycle-ocean-300x169Boston, MA (June 27, 2018) – Police in Boston responded to 1415 Dorcester Avenue on Tuesday amid reports of a car vs. bicycle collision.  Officer Richard Anthony Errico was among the first to arrive on scene of the crash.  There, he discovered a bicyclist suffered from injuries sustained in a crash with a motor vehicle.

The motor vehicle operator stayed on scene to speak with Boston police officers.  Boston EMS units also responded to the scene of the crash to treat the injured bicyclist whose name has not been released.  Police worked the scene, taking witness statements as well as physical measurements to determine what caused the crash.  There is no word on the condition of the bicyclist.  The vehicle driver was not charged as of Tuesday and there is no word on whether charges are expected.

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Vehicle and Bicycle Accident on Washington StreetWest Wareham, MA (June 26, 2018) – An accident in West Wareham, Massachusetts involving a police officer and a bicyclist occurred on Tuesday morning near the Cranberry Highway.  A trooper with the Massachusetts State Police was operating in an unmarked cruiser when a bicyclist collided with his patrol vehicle.  The bicyclist sustained injuries in the crash and was transported by Wareham EMS units to Tobey Hospital for treatment of injuries.  The bicyclist’s injuries are not life-threatening.

The crash and its cause are still under as of Tuesday afternoon.   There is no word on the cause.  At this time, there is no further information available.

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Bike Accident on Washington StreetA bicyclist was struck by a car in Boston on Wednesday afternoon.  The collision took place around 5:45 pm on Dorcester Avenue within the city limits.   The collision unfortunately involved injuries to the bicyclist.  Officers with the Boston Police Department as well as local emergency medical technicians rushed to the scene to administer medical treatment.

At this time, we have no indication that the bicyclist’s injuries are life-threatening.  There is no specific detail on how the accident occurred or an indication as to whether the bicyclist or the vehicle operator might be at fault for the collision.  Additional details will be provided as they are available.  The Boston Police worked the accident scene and cleared the roadway.  The bicyclist has not been identified.

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Bicycle Accident with Injury on Massachusetts AvenueA Cape Cod area bicycle accident took place late Saturday evening.  The accident happened in Dennis, Massachusetts on Lower County Road near Shad Hole Road.   The Dennis Police Department was dispatched to the scene of the accident.   After their arrival, they quickly secured the scene and began their investigation of the crash.

A preliminary investigation indicated that the bicyclist was traveling on Lower County Road when he was struck by an oncoming vehicle, also traveling on Lower County Road.  The bicyclist suffered serious injuries in the crash.  An ambulance also responded to the scene and EMTs administered medical treatment to the injured bicyclist.  The bicyclist’s injuries, however, required hospitalization.  He was later transported to Cape Cod Hospital where he is receiving additional treatment.   The condition of the bicyclist is unknown at this time and his identity has not been revealed.  Dennis police continue to investigate the crash.  Authorities have not revealed whether they intend to charge the driver in connection with the accident.

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