Beverly, MA – Bicyclist Transported to Hospital After Crash

bicycle-crash-300x199Beverly, MA (June 30, 2018) -A bicyclist was involved in a crash with a vehicle in Beverly, Massachusetts on Friday.  The accident occurred at the intersection of Cabot and Dane Street.  An ambulance was called to the scene to assist the injured bicyclist.  Later, the bicyclist was transported to a local hospital with injuries resulting from the crash.   The condition of the bicyclist is unknown at this time.

Beverly police are still investigating the crash and its cause.  The bicyclist was not immediately identified and police have not yet decided whether to issue any citations for the crash.

Massachusetts Bicycle Accident Attorneys

A bicycle accident can be devastating to the victims.  In a large city such as Boston, there are many bicyclists out and about daily.  Police are accustomed to calls involving bicycle accidents and injuries.  If a bicyclist is injured in a crash with a vehicle, it is first important to determine who is at fault, or negligent in the collision.  If the vehicle operator was negligent, for example by failing to yield, the bicyclist may recover from the driver’s insurance policy. In this case, it remains unclear who was at fault for the accident.  Subsequent police investigation, including statements of those involved as well as observations of any witnesses at the scene will be crucial in determining who was responsible for the accident and, ultimately, whether the bicyclist may look to the driver for compensation for his injuries.

If a bicyclist is not at fault for an accident, their recovery is the same as any other accident victim.  They may obtain compensation for lost wages, pain and suffering and the cost of any medical treatment needed as a result of the accident.  Because bicycle accident injuries are often quite severe, the cost of medical can easily stretch into the tens of thousands of dollars.

Bicycle accident cases involve delicate issues of traffic and personal injury law and should never be handled without an attorney.  At the Jeffrey Glassman Injury Lawyers, we have assisted bicyclists injured in accidents in and around the Boston area.  If you are facing this situation, please call our office today for a free consultation to speak with one of our team members about your case.

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