West Wareham, MA – Bicyclist Crashes with State Trooper

Vehicle and Bicycle Accident on Washington StreetWest Wareham, MA (June 26, 2018) – An accident in West Wareham, Massachusetts involving a police officer and a bicyclist occurred on Tuesday morning near the Cranberry Highway.  A trooper with the Massachusetts State Police was operating in an unmarked cruiser when a bicyclist collided with his patrol vehicle.  The bicyclist sustained injuries in the crash and was transported by Wareham EMS units to Tobey Hospital for treatment of injuries.  The bicyclist’s injuries are not life-threatening.

The crash and its cause are still under as of Tuesday afternoon.   There is no word on the cause.  At this time, there is no further information available.

Boston Bicycle Accident Attorneys

At this time, we do not know enough about this crash to say whether the officer or the bicyclist are at fault.  In the coming days, police will continue their investigation in an effort to determine which party was responsible.  Ultimately, the issue of legal liability will turn on the outcome of the investigation.

Accidents with bicycles are common in and around the Boston area as there is a heavy presence of pedestrians and bicyclists.  In our city, motorists encounter bicyclists on a daily basis during their travels.  It is important that both drivers and cyclists take care to ensure that accidents such as this one do not occur.  If a driver causes an accident with a cyclist, the cyclist may have a negligence claim against the driver and is entitled to recover compensation from the driver’s insurance company.

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