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A bicyclist in Worcester has serious injuries after a collision with a motor vehicle that occurred on Friday evening.  The collision happened on Queen Street, near the intersection with Chandler Street.  The cyclist was riding on Queen Street when she entered the intersection at a traffic light.  Upon entering the intersection, the woman collided with an oncoming vehicle traveling in the opposite direction, hitting her head against the driver’s side door of the vehicle.

The woman was injured as a result of the collision.  Medical assistance was called to the scene by investigating officers with the Worcester Police Department.  The woman did sustain a large cut to her head from the impact with the door.  Further updates on her condition were not immediately provided.  At this time, however, authorities do not believe her injuries to be life-threatening.  Witnesses on scene stated to police that the car had a green light when it proceeded into the intersection prior to the collision.  The woman has not been identified.

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