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Adjusting our clocks for Daylight Saving Time (DST) is a practice made in history and surrounded by debate. Instituted during World War I as a measure to conserve energy by extending daylight hours, DST has had a lasting impact on how we manage our time and activities. When we “spring forward,” we move our clocks an hour ahead, effectively shifting an hour of morning light to the evening. Conversely, when we “fall back,” we return to standard time, reclaiming the hour of daylight in the morning. This shift, although seemingly minor, can have profound effects on our daily lives.

The idea behind DST hinges on the thought that by aligning our active hours with daylight hours, we can reduce the need for artificial lighting and save energy. However, the effectiveness and benefits of DST have been a subject of ongoing debate. Critics argue that the energy savings are marginal and do not justify the disruption caused to human circadian rhythms.

Beyond the discussions of energy conservation, the time change can pose real dangers, particularly in modern society where schedules and routines are tightly packed and finely tuned. The loss of an hour’s sleep in spring can lead to increased sleepiness and distraction, which can be particularly hazardous when it comes to activities such as driving or operating heavy machinery. The change can also exacerbate health issues, affecting everything from cardiac function to mental health.

Buildings-and-Intersection-300x200East Bridgewater, MA (July 12, 2018) – Police in East Bridgewater responded to a second accident in two days at the intersection of Plymouth and Washington Streets.  On Wednesday, officers were called to the location because of a crash between an SUV and a tractor trailer just before 9:00 am.  The SUV driver suffered injuries and was transported to a local hospital.  The tractor trailer driver escaped the crash uninjured.    Police have not released any additional details about the crash.

This site was the location of another accident that took place on Tuesday involving a dump truck and a passenger vehicles.  Some community leaders are now questioning the safety of the intersection.  Fire Chief Timothy Harwin and Police Chief Scott Allen both say they have been in contact with local town officials to explore solutions to the safety issues presented by the intersection.  They both say they have seen an increased number of crashes and injuries at this location and the two accidents this week have only furthered their concerns.

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download-3Reports of a hit and run were received by the Worcester Police Department on Thursday evening.  The first call came in to the department around 6:00 pm.  The caller advised police of a hit and run accident involving injury that occurred in the 1 block of Chandler Street.  Chandler Street is located on the west side of the city, just west of downtown.

Worcester police investigated the accident and confirmed that the driver responsible for the crash left the scene.  Police did take a report in this matter and are still investigating how the crash occurred and are trying to find the responsible suspect.  An immediate search of the area yielded no results.  The search for the suspect remains active at this time.  No word on the condition of injuries sustained in the crash.

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Accident on Gates StreetA multi vehicle crash with injuries was reported to Worcester police on Wednesday night.  The call came in to the department around 9:00 pm.  The caller advised that a car accident with injuries had just occurred in the 200 block of Lincoln Street.

Worcester police responded to the accident scene immediately after receiving the call.  Officers were able to locate the injured victim and treatment was given.  The cause of this crash remains under investigation by the department.  Officers have not provided information concerning the severity or extent of injuries.  Traffic at the crash scene was slowed momentarily as officers worked to clear the roadway.  Traffic was resumed to normal flow in the area after a brief delay.

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Tractor-Trailer Accident on I-90An early morning crash along route 3 sent at least one person to the hospital with injuries on Wednesday.  Rockland Police received a call just after 5:00 am regarding an accident with injuries in the travel lanes of the highway just past exit 14.  Police, fire and EMS responded to the scene of the crash and located the injured victim.  Medical personnel provided first aid on site and transported the individual to a local hospital for evaluation of their injuries.  The injuries are not believed to be either serious or life-threatening at this time.

Predictably, traffic was heavily impacted by the crash.  The travel lanes of the highway were blocked for some time by the car involved and later by officers investigating the crash.  Following the clean-up, residual delays continued to exist in the travel lanes.  Traffic has since been restored to normal flow as the accident is subject to further investigation.

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Vehicle Accident on June StreetWorcester Police received many reports of injury accidents throughout the day on Sunday.  One such report came in around late morning.  At approximately 11:00 am police received the first of multiple disturbing calls that day regarding hit and runs in the city.

Patrol officers were dispatched to the scene at the 1 block of Siegel Street.  Officers investigated and discovered that the call contained accurate details regarding a hit and run.  When they arrived, officers spoke to at least one person who had been injured in an accident involving a motor vehicle.  However, they were unable to speak to anyone else associated with the crash because the driver had left the scene before police could get there.

Officers are classifying this incident as a hit and run.  Although we know there were injuries we cannot provide any additional specifics on the extent of the injuries at this time.   There is no report of the injuries being life-threatening.  Worcester police are still searching for the driver and have filed this case as incident report number 2018000065535.

Car Accident on Route 3 NorthboundThe Worcester Police Department was called to the scene of a personal injury accident around 11:00 pm on Saturday, June 16th.  On duty officers quickly arrived just after receiving the call for assistance.  Upon their arrival to the 300 block of Mill Street, they observed a multiple vehicle crash with personal injuries involved to the affected drivers.  The officers then called for an ambulance to provide treatment on scene.

Treatment was administered to those injured.  Worcester Police secured the accident scene and conducted an investigation before clearing the scene of debris.  Traffic flow around the accident quickly resumed to normal.  There is no word on the severity or extent of injuries suffered.  The crash remains under investigation at this time.

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Plymouth House Fire Injures OneThe Boston Police Department was called to an injury accident on Thursday afternoon.   The accident took place around 2:30 pm in the 200 block of Seaver Street.  Officer Miguelangelo Pires with the BPD received the dispatch call and went to the scene.  Upon arrival, Officer Pires found at least one victim injured in the crash.   Medical personnel also responded to the scene to check on the injured victim.

The Boston Police Department has not released any further details regarding this collision, including the cause of the crash or injuries of the drivers involved.  We hope that those injured in the accident have a speedy and full recovery.

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When people are debating whether or not they should retain legal counsel for assistance in filing a claim following a car crash, the individuals are usually having one or more internal debates. In many cases, people have some initial doubts about whether an attorney would handle their case.

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If the accident does seem like the kind of case that a lawyer would handle, then the next concern is usually paying that attorney. Some people begin convincing themselves that they’ll be able to keep more of their money by handling cases themselves.

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On April 12, 2018 a Massachusetts jury returned a verdict in favor of Brian Goodrich in the amount of $8.25 million. The award comes after years of litigation beginning in 2013 when Mr. Goodrich’s head was nearly Massachusetts Workplace Injury Results in $8.25M Jury Awardcrushed because the jack holding up a piece of equipment failed. He suffered horrendous injuries which  included facial disfigurement, blindness and loss of cognitive function.

The jury found, after hearing 11 days of testimony, that the company which designed the equipment was a majority at fault. Mr. Goodrich was changing the oil on the equipment meant to melt asphalt and fill cracks in the road. Although Mr. Goodrich acknowledged not using the safety pin with the jack which held the machine up, the company failed to include safety warnings and failed to manufacture the machine appropriately knowing such accidents were possible.

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