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Three years ago, a fan was attending a Red Sox game at Fenway Park in downtown Boston when she was hit by a part of a bat.  The bat was broken when swinging at a pitch, and this is something that happens on a somewhat regular basis during the game of baseball.

Boston Personal Injury This piece of the broken bat went flying into the crowd and made contact with a fan’s head, resulting in traumatic brain injury (TBI).  While it is true there are signs posted warning fans to pay attention for objects leaving the field of play, and there are even announcements on the scoreboard before the game, these announcements often do little good when it comes to protecting defenseless spectators. Continue reading

Mattapoisett Police Responder to Three-Vehicle CrashBoston Police received a call on Friday afternoon concerning an injury accident on Camden Street.  The call came in to police headquarters at approximately 3:30 pm.  Officer Moses-Jose Dasilva of the Boston Police Department was out on duty when the call was received.  Officer Dasilva was dispatched to the scene of the crash in order to investigate further.

Upon arrival, Officer Dasilva found that the accident involved injuries to at least one person.  The accident scene was quickly secured as Officer Dasilva called for medical assistance.  EMTs arrived and administered medical care on scene to the injured person.  The extent of injuries is unknown at this time, but there is no indication that the injuries are life-threatening.

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Hit-and-Run Accident in BostonBoston Police responded to a personal injury accident on Thursday morning.  The accident occurred on Ashton Street at around 8:00 am.  Officer Nadia Scinolfi with the Boston Police Department was dispatched to the scene.  Medical personnel also responded as they received reports of the injuries suffered.

Fortunately, we have no indication at this time that the injuries sustained in the accident were life-threatening.  The cause of the crash has not been released, nor have the identities of the victims.  Should more details emerge regarding this crash, we will provide you with updates.

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A man in his early 20s was shot Wednesday afternoon on a Washington Street. The shooting occurred near 45 Temple place on a busy stretch of pedestrian walkway. The suspect fled the scene and Boston police were still searching for him at the time of this posting.


The victim was transferred to a local hospital by Boston EMS, and his injuries appear to be non-life-threatening.


If you or someone you love has been injured in a violent act, we at Jeffrey Glassman Injury Lawyers are here to help and guarantee you receive the care and compensation you deserve.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has two primary programs intended to provide for those who cannot work due to being disabled.

The first program, supplemental security income (SSI), is available for both the elderly and the disabled. SSI benefits are granted on a means-adjusted basis, meaning the greater your need, the greater your benefit.

The other program is known as Social Security Disability Insurance, or SSDI. It is intended for those who have earned a safety cushion should their work cause them to be disabled. SSDI benefits are determined by age, given the assumption that an older worker has paid more taxes, thus deserving more benefits.

While people frequently threaten to file lawsuits against negligent parties in claims relating to car accidents, actually doing so proves to much more complicated. Filing a lawsuit requires a plaintiff to prove by a preponderance of the evidence that a negligent party breached a duty of care and that breach caused a victim’s Sue After A Car Accidentinjuries.

At the Jeffrey Glassman Injury Lawyers, we can file a lawsuit to hold a negligent party accountable when an insurance company is unwilling to provide you with adequate compensation for your injuries. Call 617-367-2900 to have our experienced personal injury lawyers review your case and discuss all of your legal options.

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When people are debating whether or not they should retain legal counsel for assistance in filing a claim following a car crash, the individuals are usually having one or more internal debates. In many cases, people have some initial doubts about whether an attorney would handle their case.

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If the accident does seem like the kind of case that a lawyer would handle, then the next concern is usually paying that attorney. Some people begin convincing themselves that they’ll be able to keep more of their money by handling cases themselves.

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Service of process is a legal procedure whereby a party to a lawsuit provides proper notice of a legal action involving another party (usually the defendant). One gives notice of a Boston personal injury lawsuit by delivering a set of court documents to the person who is being served.Boston Medical Malpractice

If a settlement can’t be reached with defendants, the case will be filed in the Suffolk Superior Court in in Boston’s Government Center area. The court will then issue a service packet, complete with a signed and stamped summons. Multiple copies will be provided if there are numerous defendants. Each defendant must then be served with the packet, including copies of the summons and complaint. If a defendant is not properly served within 90 days, per state rules, the defendant can move to dismiss for lack of service.

Take for example the 2012 ruling by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 1st Circuit, wherein the appeals court affirmed the dismissal of a Massachusetts medical malpractice/ wrongful death claim, which came a full year after the complaint was originally filed against defendant physicians. Although plaintiff had sought two 90-day extensions one top of the original, (complications arose, as one defendant was out of the country), the court found the delay was inexcusable. The case was pending in Essex County Superior Court, while service was governed by Massachusetts Rule of Civil Procedure 4(j), requiring that such process be completed in 90 days. Justices ruled that while federal rules offer no specific time limit on service of process outside the U.S., case law has established reportedly that the amount of time for foreign service is not unlimited.

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The term “accident” gets thrown around a lot when describing injuries no one intentionally set out to cause. However, the reality is most personal injury cases are the direct result of a failure by someone else to use reasonable care when they had a duty to do so. This is referred to as “negligence,” and it’s grounds to obtain compensation if you’re injured.

Negligence however, is not the only tort.  A “tort” is the legal term for anything a defendant does to a plaintiff that results in some loss or damages for which plaintiff can seek “remedy” from defendant “tortfeasor,” or person who committed the tort.  In addition to negligence and negligence-based torts, there is also an entirely different type of tortious conduct known as intentional torts.

Boston Personal Injury Because we know that negligence essentially involves acting in an unreasonably careless manner so as to harm a plaintiff, intentional torts do not involve carelessness, but rather conduct characterized as intentional harm to plaintiff. So if you’re injured in a robbery or some other type of assault, you can sue your attacker for that too. (You can also, in some cases, sue the property owner where the crime occurred for negligent security, though that will be a negligence-based tort.)

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There are many fun and exciting things to do in Boston throughout the year, but in some cases, engaging in these activities could result in serious personal injury. As we head into the fall, there will be people doing all kinds of outdoor activities, such as going to apple orchards, taking hayrides at local pumpkin patch and attending sporting events.  However, even these seemingly safe activities could result in serious personal injury if there is any negligence on behalf of the event organizers or property owners.

Boston personal injuryAccording to a recent news article from ESPN News, a young girl was seriously injured at Yankee Stadium when she was hit in face with a foul ball off the bat of Todd Frazier.  The young girl was sitting in the lower level seating area when the ball hit her in the face.  Using this season’s new technology that measures the hit speed of every batted ball, they were able to determine that the baseball was traveling at 105 miles-per-hour when it came off the bat.  Continue reading

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