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Billerica Head-On Collision InjuriesAlthough it is not the type of “activity” that anyone wants to see, Thursday evening was a busy time for car accidents across our state.  There were a handful of injury collisions reported late in the evening on streets and highways in several different areas.  One such collision occurred on Route 3 in Hanover, Massachusetts.  This accident took place in the northbound lanes of the roadway just before Route 53.

The crash took up a lane of the roadway with blocked vehicles and caused traffic to pile up heading into the accident scene.  Police in Hanover responded to the scene where they found at least one person to be injured fro the crash.  The person did require medical care, which was given on scene.  Police have not provided additional details on the extent of the injuries or the cause of this crash.  More information will be given if it becomes available.

Those traveling to and from work on  in and around the Boston area are no doubt familiar with collisions that occur in cities and towns across our state.  For those not involved, they are frustrating because they often cause long travel delays which results in inconvenience to all motorists.  For those that are involved, the experience is obviously much worse, especially if injuries occur from the collision.  Some injuries are more debilitating than others.  Certain injuries may last only a short period of time and will respond well to medical treatment while others will linger for months and even years after the accident and may require a variety of treatment methods, including therapy all the way up to surgical intervention.  In these types of cases, you do not want to settle too soon because your medical costs for the future will not be covered if you take a quick settlement offered by the insurance company and sign away your rights to receive future payments.

Vehicle Accident on Exit 26Police in Plymouth, Massachusetts are on the scene of an accident involving serious injuries Thursday morning.  The accident took place around 7:00 am on Route 3 at Exit 5, near Long Pond Road.  Police report that the accident occurred in the breakdown lanes of the highway.

At this time, emergency medical personnel are on the scene of the accident.  The motorists involved appear to have sustained serious injuries.  There is no word on whether the injuries are life-threatening.  There are heavy delays approaching the accident scene and motorists are advised to either avoid the area or be prepared for an extensive back up for a considerable distance leading to the crash site.  Authorities are still investigating and this is an active crash scene.   There is no word on driver identity or the cause of the crash.

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Tractor-Trailer Accident on I-90An early morning crash along route 3 sent at least one person to the hospital with injuries on Wednesday.  Rockland Police received a call just after 5:00 am regarding an accident with injuries in the travel lanes of the highway just past exit 14.  Police, fire and EMS responded to the scene of the crash and located the injured victim.  Medical personnel provided first aid on site and transported the individual to a local hospital for evaluation of their injuries.  The injuries are not believed to be either serious or life-threatening at this time.

Predictably, traffic was heavily impacted by the crash.  The travel lanes of the highway were blocked for some time by the car involved and later by officers investigating the crash.  Following the clean-up, residual delays continued to exist in the travel lanes.  Traffic has since been restored to normal flow as the accident is subject to further investigation.

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Accident with Injury on Exit 1 on Route 95A crash with injuries was reported to police in Rockland, Massachusetts this morning.  The crash happened on Route 3, southbound at exit 14.  Rockland Police quickly arrived on scene after receiving reports of the accident.  Officers secured the accident scene.  Traffic was backed up while the investigation was ongoing and also while medical personnel at the scene tended to the injured victims.

This crash was one of several rush hour crashes that occurred on Massachusetts streets and highways Monday morning.  It does not appear at this time that any of the injuries sustained in this crash were life-threatening.  After the investigation was completed, traffic on Route 3 began moving at a normal rate.

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Posted on April 30, 2018

Plymouth rollover accidentA Plymouth rollover accident took place involving two vehicles on Route 3. The accident took place early this morning. According to police, one of the vehicles involved in the accident rolled over. It is unclear of the extent of injuries that the driver received in the accident.

Rollover accidents come at a cost, as most of these accidents lead to serious injuries. This is because of the impact of these crashes and many other factors that we have to consider, such as if the driver and passengers were wearing seatbelts at the time.

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