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Saugus police logs released today, report that on Sunday a car accident occurred that resulted in injuries. Saugus car accident head injury

A single individual complained of head injuries and was taken to Melrose Wakefield Hospital.

The noon accident happened on Route 1 South,near the Essex Street ramp.

There are no details on the identity of the individuals or cause of the accident.

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Car accident injuries that can hang around for a lengthy time are traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries. An impact to the head or skull can be Massachusetts personal injury attorney car accidentsevere. If the impact is strong enough, the victim will suffer problems with agility and simply being able to think normally again. Even a mild injury to the head can result in difficulty making ordinary movements or changes in personality. The brain is a sensitive yet marvelous organ, and any injury to it will take a long time to recover from as you will need to retrain yourself to do what you could do before.

Car accidents can cause catastrophic injury to the spine of the occupant. This means being paralyzed or simply losing the full mobility that you once had. When there is loss of movement, this also affects the muscles in that area and chronic pain can develop. Other complications that are not generally thought about, but occur often, are problems with internal organs, including the lungs and veins. It is rare to fully recover from a spinal cord injury.



If you have suffered severe injuries to the head or spine after a car accident call the Jeffrey Glassman Injury Lawyers right away at (617) 777-7777 to make sure your future medical costs are covered by the party at fault. Your attorney will determine, in conjunction with your doctor, how long you will need medical care. Your attorney will communicate with the insurance company after your accident to make sure that the long-term effects of your injury are paid for, and that any rehabilitation is covered.


On April 12, 2018 a Massachusetts jury returned a verdict in favor of Brian Goodrich in the amount of $8.25 million. The award comes after years of litigation beginning in 2013 when Mr. Goodrich’s head was nearly Massachusetts Workplace Injury Results in $8.25M Jury Awardcrushed because the jack holding up a piece of equipment failed. He suffered horrendous injuries which  included facial disfigurement, blindness and loss of cognitive function.

The jury found, after hearing 11 days of testimony, that the company which designed the equipment was a majority at fault. Mr. Goodrich was changing the oil on the equipment meant to melt asphalt and fill cracks in the road. Although Mr. Goodrich acknowledged not using the safety pin with the jack which held the machine up, the company failed to include safety warnings and failed to manufacture the machine appropriately knowing such accidents were possible.

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According to a recent news feature form the Daily News, a Massachusetts man who suffered a broken back and skull fracture has filed a lawsuit against the New York City Building Department. The victim was injured when a tower crane fell off a tall building that was being constructed, and landed on the his parked car while he was still inside.  This resulted in the car being crushed. Plaintiff suffered serious and permanent personal injury.  He is asking for $30 million in damages for medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages and more.

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We have been hearing a lot about head injuries associated with playing football in recent years, and this past year, the issue was probably more of hot topic than ever before.  There was even a movie starring Will Smith aptly named Concussion.  However, head injuries resulting from playing football are not only a problem for college and professional athletes.

457973__1As a result of the high potential for brain injury, more and more parents are not allowing their children to play youth football once they are at an age where tackling is allowing.  Even some colleges, such as those that are part of the Ivy League football conference, have agreed to not allow any tackling during practice, which has become very controversial among those who think it will make games on Saturday less competitive. Continue reading

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