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images-1-1Injuries to the head and brain are commonly seen in car accidents and are among the most serious injuries that can occur.  Unlike a broken bone or a muscle sprain, these injuries do not typically have a clear course of recovery and can be extremely complicated to treat, even under expert medical care.

Causes and Symptoms of Head Injuries

A traumatic brain injury, otherwise known as a TBI, is a particularly severe head injury. The causes of these vary, but they may be the result of a fall, motor vehicle accident, or an attack.  A TBI may be experienced in a car accident when a person’s head collides with the steering wheel or dash inside their vehicle during the impact of the crash.  The most common symptom of a TBI is a headache experienced shortly after the trauma.  Other symptoms include dizziness, blurred vision, nausea, light sensitivity and inability to focus.  The symptoms of a TBI may not be readily apparent for several days.  Symptoms can seem minimal at first and then become progressively worse over the course of days or weeks if left untreated.

Thirty  year old Peter J. Rizzo was in Worcester Superior Court today facing charges of leaving an accident scene where there was property damage. Worcester Accident Personal Injury

He was also charged with wrong way driving. The judge allowed him to complete the Brain at Risk Program, which must be completed within the year.

However, Mr. Rizzo must still pay restitution to the injured victim in the amount of $2,300 plus court fees.

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Saugus police logs released today, report that on Sunday a car accident occurred that resulted in injuries. Saugus car accident head injury

A single individual complained of head injuries and was taken to Melrose Wakefield Hospital.

The noon accident happened on Route 1 South,near the Essex Street ramp.

There are no details on the identity of the individuals or cause of the accident.

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The Worcester Police Department has revealed the tow truck workers involved in Friday afternoon’s accident Worcester tow truck head injury updateare Pipo’s Tow Company proprietor, a man in his thirties, and his nearly sixty year old employee. They each call Worcester home.

The Department has provided further information on the injuries. The Pipo’s Tow Company employee suffers from broken ribs and maybe a broken area of the shoulder. The young owner of the company suffers from head and torso injuries.

Reports now indicate that first responders discovered one man on the pavement with noticeable and severe head injuries causing blood flow. It is confirmed that the Worcester Police Department’s Crash Reconstruction Unit is now handling the case.

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The 17-year-old didn’t want to wear the chicken suit. It was hot. It was itchy. And he’d already gotten roughed up briefly by a couple of his fellow students before the pep rally. football3

The suit was rented just for the rally as a way to mock the other team’s mascot, an eagle. But he didn’t want to go through with it anymore and pleaded with the athletic director to let him off the hook. Instead, she threatened him with the $75 cost of the rental if he didn’t keep it on and head to the pep rally as intended, where he was slated to engage in a “mock fight” with the football team. He acquiesced. It didn’t go well.

When it was all over, he suffered a traumatic brain injury that he will likely grapple with the rest of his life. Now, the school district has agreed to pay $10.5 million to settle the case after jurors found the school district 100 percent liable for the former student’s injuries. The settlement offer was extended just days after the verdict was reached, but in advance of the damages portion of the trial.  Continue reading

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