Brockton, MA – Two Car Rollover Causes Injuries

27826443258_b358ca39e1_b-300x300Brockton, MA (July 10, 2018) – A woman in Brockton sustained injuries in a two car rollover collision Sunday night.  Brockton police responded to a crash at the intersection of Park Road and Wheeler Avenue just before 7:00 pm.  There, they found that two cars had collided with one another.  An 18 year old woman was transported to a hospital with unknown injuries.

The woman was driving a Nissan Murano.  When police and fire officials arrived, the Murano was lying on its side against the curb on Park Road.  The other vehicle, a Toyota Camry also suffered heavy damage in the crash.  The other driver did not suffer injuries.  At this time, it is believed that the crash occurred when the Camry ran a stop sign and collided with the Murano.  It is expected that Brockton Police will charge the Camry driver for running a stop sign.

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Accidents happen on our streets and highways for a variety of reasons.  Usually, however, an accident happens because some sort of traffic law is broken.  The other driver may be speeding, texting while driving, driving under the influence or, failing to yield to other vehicles on the road.  In this case, the accident occurred due to one driver failing to stop at a stop sign.  Every year, many people all across the country are killed or seriously injured as a result of drivers who fail to follow traffic laws.

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