Sandwich, MA – Mother, Two Children Hurt in Sandwich Crash

download-4-4Sandwich, MA (July 10, 2018) – A woman and two children were hurt in a crash in Sandwich early Tuesday.  Police report that the crash occurred around 12:52 am on Farmsville Road and Cotuit Road.  There, they say that a 40 year old woman from Cotuit ran off the road and struck a tree.  It is unclear why the woman ran off the road.

Two children in the car suffered serious injuries.  One child was airlifted to Massachusetts General Hospital with life-threatening injuries and a second child was transported to Hasbro Children’s Hospital with serious, but non life-threatening injuries.  The woman was transported to South Shore Hospital with non life-threatening injuries.  She is currently listed in serious condition.

The crash remains under investigation at this time.  No further information is available.

Boston Personal Injury Attorney

Almost everyone who has ever operated or been a passenger in a motor vehicle has first-hand experience with vehicle crashes.  For many people, a vehicle crash is fortunately not severe.  It may involve damage to your vehicle.  After a brief negotiation with the other driver’s insurance company, you receive a property damage check, get your car fixed and go on about your life.  This is a minor inconvenience at best.

However, what if you have been hurt in a crash?  That is when everything changes.  At that point, the crash is no longer a minor inconvenience.  Instead, it begins to consume other areas of your life. It causes you to miss work for days or partial days at a time because you have doctor’s appointments and you are in pain.  It keeps you from doing the things you used to enjoy because your body cannot tolerate physical activity.  And it leaves you feeling hopeless and empty because you see a bleak future after the crash as your recovery proceeds slowly.

If you are experiencing any of these feelings, you are not alone.  You should immediately seek the counsel of an experienced personal injury attorney because you have legal rights that need to be protected.

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