Police Identify Driver in Chatham Crash

Salem Car Accident Caused by Falling Debris from TruckPolice in Chatham, Massachusetts on Saturday identified the driver of a pickup truck that was involved in a crash on Main Street.  The driver has been identified as 29 year old Nicholas Nolan of Onset, Massachusetts.

Chatham Police say that Nolan was operating a truck Friday evening on Main Street when he suddenly lost control of his vehicle.  The truck then careened into a brick property marker and later hit a tree before coming to a stop at 1671 Main Street.  Nolan was tended to by rescue workers and was later transported to Cape Cod Hospital by Chatham Fire Department officials.

Nolan sustained serious, but non life-threatening injuries in the collision.  Chatham Police along with Barnstable Police investigated the accident.  Criminal charges are pending against Mr. Nolan but there is no word at this time as to which charges he may face.

Massachusetts Car Accident

It appears in this case that the driver was engaging in some type of violation of traffic law when this accident occurred.  Accidents happen every day across our state for a variety of reasons.  Sometimes they occur due to speeding, reckless driving, inattentive driving, OUI or mechanical defects.

Whatever the reason, the most important issue facing injured accident victims is negligence.  If the other driver was negligent in causing a collision, the accident victim has a claim for personal injuries suffered in the crash.  Massachusetts follows a system of comparative negligence, which means that an injured driver may still recover even if they were partially at fault for causing the accident.  If negligence is established, the next step is to assess any damages that you sustained in the accident in order to ensure that you are fully and completely compensated for your injuries.

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