SUV Crashes into Brockton Gas Station, Cars, Causing Injury


A terrifying car collision at a gas station in Brockton put one individual in the hospital with injuries.  Brockton Cash Station Collision

The cameras inside the Gas Depot station recorded the full accident. In the video, a dark car is seen entering  the station when a black Sport Utility Vehicles speeds in, rams into a couple of gas pumps and stops on the top of the dark car.

The accident, occurred at approximately 10 a.m. today and did not result in more casualties.

Brockton Fire officials who arrived on scene report that a third vehicle was also smashed into on Main Street in connection to this accident. Only the three individuals were involved.

Fortunately, not one of the gas tanks ignited and no one was run over. Law enforcement will begin an inquiry into the reason for the accident.

Gas Station Accidents and Injury Lawsuits

Reports from the United States Census bureau indicate that now there exist over 100,000 gas stations in this country. Nearly all of them do business as convenience stores, where drivers can purchase many things from groceries to snacks. With several hundreds of individuals arriving daily, it is unavoidable that some gas station accidents will happen.

Of course, there are a myriad  laws dealing with gas station operating procedures, and when customer injuries are at issue, it is the customer who must establish that the gas station was at fault. The law typically states that the gas station owner or operator has a high amount of responsibility to keep their customers safe. This is imputed on them only as to harm that a gas station owner would know about like the hazardous chemicals and equipment. If collisions are frequent on that street, owners may be liable for not putting up barriers.

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