Pedestrian Fatality in Hartford

A pedestrian was killed in an accident around 6 a.m. today in HartfordPedestrian Fatality in Hartford

The collision was at Groton and Wyllys Streets. The pedestrian was identified as Luis Torres, a Hartford man in his 50s. First responders discovered him on scene suffering from severe injuries. He was transported to Hartford Hospital where he died.

It was a nearly 30-year-old female East Hartford resident that was driving the vehicle. She was traveling on Wyllys Street. She did not leave the accident, and is making herself available to law enforcement inquiry. Traffic was backed up to Columbus Boulevard as a result of the accident.

There is an ongoing inquiry by Hartford Accident Reconstruction detectives.

Pedestrian Car Accidents

Pedestrians are categorized as walkers, runners, shoppers and any individual not inside, or operating, a vehicle was struck by another vehicle.

One type of pedestrian accident can occur in a cross walk. The vehicle driver would be at fault when a pedestrian legally enters the intersection, and the car hits the pedestrian before the pedestrian has cleared the cross walk. Other pedestrian accidents occur in driveways, streets and parking lots while a vehicle is backing up. In these locations, there are individuals on foot who are not always visible to the driver.

Another type of pedestrian car accident happens when the pedestrian is not in the roadway, or vehicle’s path at all, but the vehicle veers from its intended course. This is when a driver loses control of the car and jumps a curb.

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