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A New Bedford police officer was struck by a car Monday morning. New Bedford Police Injured in Car Accident

The officer was on foot in a construction area on Church Street when the officer was hit. The accident occurred at about 11 a.m.

The office was injured and treated at the scene. The officer is believed to make a full recovery.

Although, the incident looks to be an accident, the incident is under full investigation.

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Information from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that some of the most dangerous months of the year to be driving are July and August. Massachusetts personal injury attorney

As summer approaches, it is important to learn about what makes summer driving so dangerous.

Some cities in Massachusetts will report an increase in drivers during the summer months because of tourists.

More people on the road means more car accident deaths and injuries during the summer.

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This morning, the Mashpee Fire Department released news that its firefighters responded to a call Monday, April 16th of a collapsed floor. Upon arrival,Floor collapse injury Mashpee the first responders found a female had fallen through the decayed floor of her entryway.

The incident occurred in the early afternoon, just before 3 p.m. at 177 Main Street in Mashpee. Fire Captain Joseph Fellows reports that the woman was transported to Falmouth Hospital.

A Mashpee Building Commissioner, Michael Mendoza, will review the house to make sure that it is still habitable despite the cave in.

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals that less than 10% of construction laborers will be the victim of an injury on site annually. Yet, there were nearly 900 Construction Site Injury Massachusetts personal injury attorneydeaths annually at construction sites across the country.

Construction site injuries and accidents often occur because those in charge try to cut corners to be more profitable. Instead of complying with government standards and regulation, they opt for faster cheaper work. This results in unsafe working conditions, workers who are not trained fully, lack of safety inspections, negligent workers, or defective equipment use.

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Barletta construction workers were on a job location at the East Street Bridge in Westwood on Sunday afternoon. An Westwood Construction Site Accidentemployee was seriously injured in an accident, details of which were not yet released by Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority. The workers were altering the bridge over East Street on which the Franklin Commuter Rail Line runs.

Along with the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, State Police and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) are looking into the incident.

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In Boston construction accidents, there are often a number of various routes of recovery victims may pursue. First and foremost, there is workers’ compensation, which are benefits obtained by one’s own employer. However, these benefits are generally limited to medical expenses and a portion of lost wages. Exclusivity rules written into workers’ compensation law prevent an employee from suing an employer for more than that, and co-workers are generally protected by this too. But beyond that, there may be opportunity to pursue third-party liability action. construction workers

Third party liability lawsuits are especially prevalent in construction accident cases for two reasons:

  • The personal injuries are often quite severe, so the stakes are high.
  • There are numerous companies and individuals that have a hand in a construction project at any given time.

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According to a recent news feature form the Daily News, a Massachusetts man who suffered a broken back and skull fracture has filed a lawsuit against the New York City Building Department. The victim was injured when a tower crane fell off a tall building that was being constructed, and landed on the his parked car while he was still inside.  This resulted in the car being crushed. Plaintiff suffered serious and permanent personal injury.  He is asking for $30 million in damages for medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages and more.

825017_crash_carThe reason he is naming the city building department as a defendant is due to the allegations that the agency was negligent in connection with its responsibility to monitor the job site and crane safety. Continue reading

According to a recent news report from CBS, a large construction crane fell to the street as it was being lowered from a tall building. As it was being lowered, it somehow broke into pieces, and those large pieces of metal fell to the street below. This was captured on cellphone video taken by someone in another building.

1172422_police_on_the_sceneWhen the crane pieces landed on the street, they crushed several cars, injured three people and killed a Wall Street worker employed at an electronic trading firm. Two of the of three victims who were injured sustained substantial bodily injury as a result of the crane accident. Continue reading

Falling or flying objects are a common hazard faced by construction workers.
In fact, our Boston construction accident lawyers note struck-by accidents are one of the four deadliest dangers found on construction sites, according to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration.

More than 25 percent of all deaths in construction are the result of struck-by accidents, which also account for about 10 percent of all occupational deaths.
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Phase 1 of the construction project to extend the Green Line was kicked off recently by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA). According to Governor Deval Patrick, the Green Line will now travel to Somerville and Medford.
“The Green Line extension means expanded employment opportunity, housing opportunity and recreational opportunity,” said Governor Patrick.

Our Somerville personal injury attorneys understand that the construction project includes two railroad bridges to help to connect the Green Line to the outer area. And that’s only Phase 1 at a cost of $13 million. To get the project done, officials will have to demolish a building in Cambridge as well.

Barletta Heavy Division will be contracting the project. Throughout the duration, crews will be reconstructing Medford Street Bridge and the Harvard Street Bridge. Overall, the project is expected to cost more than $1.1 billion.

In the U.S., there were more than 1,000 people killed in vehicle accidents that occurred in a construction work zone last year.

One of the most important things in helping to ensure everyone’s safety in these work zones is to keep an eye on your speed. According to MassHighway Traffic Engineering, lane width can make a difference, too! Officials say that narrowing lanes helps to make drivers travel more slowly and cautiously.

Helping Motorists Navigate Safely:

-Education: The public should be notified about what construction is going on in the area. By letting travelers know, they can choose alternative routes to avoid the area.

-Signage: Temporary signs help to declare the presence of a work zone. This will give them more time to slow down and to react.

-Barrier: These will help to keep traffic away from workers.

-Police Presence: Just the sight of an officer helps to keep drivers on their best behavior. Officers serve as an effective deterrent for irresponsible driving habits.

-Accommodations: Making sure that pedestrians, bicyclists and other transit can get through the area is a sure way to help to halt any kind of accidents.
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