Preventing Construction Site Injuries

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals that less than 10% of construction laborers will be the victim of an injury on site annually. Yet, there were nearly 900 Construction Site Injury Massachusetts personal injury attorneydeaths annually at construction sites across the country.

Construction site injuries and accidents often occur because those in charge try to cut corners to be more profitable. Instead of complying with government standards and regulation, they opt for faster cheaper work. This results in unsafe working conditions, workers who are not trained fully, lack of safety inspections, negligent workers, or defective equipment use.

Improper Equipment Operation Can Lead to Injuries

On any construction site there are multiple players and parties who are supposed to work together. Different agencies or companies may bring different tools and equipment on site. Unfortunately, often times they do not properly train the other workers in operating the equipment and injuries occur. This results in accidents from operating forklifts or cranes improperly, and other similar but deadly machinery.

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