Male Pedestrian Killed by Vehicle in Lowell

At 5 p.m. on Monday a male in his 60s was hit by a vehicle, driven by a man in his 30s, and killed while on a walk in Lowell. The accident occurred on Lowell fatal pedestrian accidentChurch Street near Warrent Street according to the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office. The man was taken to a nearby hospital with severe injuries, where he succumbed to those injuries.

Lowell Police, Massachusetts State Police and the State Police Collision Analysis and Reconstruction Section are looking into the incident.

Pedestrian vs. Car Accident Lawsuits

In a fatal pedestrian accident, the family of the pedestrian can recover pain and suffering from the driver in a wrongful death lawsuit. However, it should be established that the death was due more by the driver’s actions than the pedestrian’s action or nonaction. If the pedestrian did not exercise his or her own duty of safety to others, and that was the cause of the accident, then there will be no basis for recovery.

The pedestrian does not have to be entirely fault free to recover. If there is partial fault on each side, then the recovery is simply reduced by the percentage that the pedestrian contributed to the accident. Keep in mind, a driver still has a higher duty of care since the vehicle they operated has the potential to create serious harm and death.

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