Early Morning Rollover Car Accident in Mansfield

At 5:19 a.m. Massachusetts State Police released reports that a car rollover accident occurred in MansfieldMansfield two-car collision rollover injury

The accident took place on Route 495 North just before Route 95, near exit 13. It was a two-car collision with injury.

Lanes were closed to traffic temporarily.

Rollover Accident Lawsuits

Car accidents where one or both vehicles rollover causes catastrophic and even fatal results. Only a small percentage of car accidents are rollover accidents. However, in those that were rollover accidents, nearly 40 percent resulted in death. The cause of these rare accidents are usually due to some mechanical defect which would result in a products liability lawsuit.

The most common reason for a rollover is something called “tripping“, which has to do with the tires. When the car’s tires come into contact with a fixed object, it knocks the car and results in a rollover. However, even a simple problem with the tires can cause a blowout which can lead to a rollover. Weather conditions are also a contributing factor, when coupled with roads that are unsafe to begin with.

Due to the potentially catastrophic nature of rollover accidents , there are regulations across the country to aid in preventing injury and death. These are specifically targeted to on board equipment to eliminate the rollover risk.

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