Witnesses Provide More Details in Accident that Killed Lowell Man While Walking (Update)

On Monday a male in his 60s was involved in a fatal pedestrian car accident in Lowell. Bystanders at the scene have revealed today that the man Lowell Pedestrian Fatalitywas  on the curb and fell off the curb when the pickup truck hit him. News reports have still not provided his identity.

The witnesses, Penny Cote and Joe Johnson, to the tragic event were actually on the sidewalk with the man when he lost his balance and fell into the street. They say that the truck driver did not leave after the accident.


An investigation is ongoing.

Fatal Pedestrian Accident Lawsuits

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention statistics reveal that approximately 4,000 people die annually from pedestrian accidents in this country. Nearly, 100,000 people annually are injured in pedestrian accidents.

Although, a pedestrian may do everything in his or her power to remain safe while on the roadways, it is the driver that needs to me most cautious. Most pedestrian vehicle accidents happens because the driver’s attention is distracted or they simply do not appreciate the lethal consequences of their actions. Driving too fast, or making turns unsafely result in the most common pedestrian fatalities. Pedestrians should not trust that a vehicle backing up will see them, each year vehicles run over individuals who erroneously trusted that the driver could see them. In each of these scenarios, the pedestrian or his or her family is entitled to claim damages for the loss as a result of the accident.

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