Woman Falls Five Feet Through Floor, Taken to Hospital in Mashpee

This morning, the Mashpee Fire Department released news that its firefighters responded to a call Monday, April 16th of a collapsed floor. Upon arrival,Floor collapse injury Mashpee the first responders found a female had fallen through the decayed floor of her entryway.

The incident occurred in the early afternoon, just before 3 p.m. at 177 Main Street in Mashpee. Fire Captain Joseph Fellows reports that the woman was transported to Falmouth Hospital.

A Mashpee Building Commissioner, Michael Mendoza, will review the house to make sure that it is still habitable despite the cave in.

Construction Defects Lawsuits

If you are injured after contracting for construction in your home, and you believe it is due to the defective work or design, you may have a case for negligent construction. A personal injury case for negligent construction requires that the contractor acted in such a way that fell below its duty to provide a safe product, and that because of that failure the homeowner was harmed. This means, that for an entry way, it should have been constructed to sustain the weight of normal, every day use by a family. If the entryway collapses under the weight of a single, average sized person, this may indicate that the construction was defective.

A homeowner who has been injured in such a case would be entitled to recover medical expenses, lost earnings, pain and suffering; and compensation for the value of how his or her life enjoyment has been decreased as a result of the injuries.

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