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Tractor-Trailer Wreck Causes Delays on Mass Pike
An accident involving large trucks can cause a lot of damage because these vehicles are so big.

A tractor-trailer that jackknife on the Mass Pike caused major backups to traffic on Monday morning.

Police confirm that the truck was in the median and the left lane was blocked. It does not appear that anyone was injured in this crash.

Tractor-Trailer Rollover Accident on Mass Pike
Accidents that involve tractor-trailers can be extremely dire because these vehicles are so large.

In Weston, a tractor-trailer rolled over on-ramp from the Mass Turnpike to Route 95. This happened early on Thursday morning. It appears that no one was seriously hurt in this accident.

It is not known what caused the above accident. It is, however, important for drivers of big trucks to be extra careful to pay attention to others around them. These accidents can be extremely severe. It is also important for drivers in smaller vehicles to know that large trucks have large blind spots and difficulty stopping and turning. Safety on the road can help reduce these accidents.

Two individuals in separate motor vehicles sustained injuries in a three-car accident on the northbound side of Interstate 495. The accident occurred late this  afternoon. The collision occurred south of exit 46, near the Route 110 and Interstate 495 connector. Three-car collision Lawrence

The drivers were transported to Lawrence General Hospital.

The first injured driver was an Essex woman in her 50s who was operating a 2011 Ford F250 with a trailer housing two horses hitched to the truck. The other injured motorist was almost 50-years-old and a resident of Bradford, driving a 2017 Nissan Rogue.

Massachusetts state law is what controls the aspects of a wrongful death lawsuit that deals with who has the right to file the lawsuit in court. Typically, only Who Can File A Wrongful Death Lawsuit in Massachusetts New Bedfordimmediate family members of the victim have standing to sue the person or entity that caused the death. But the definition of immediate family is something a court may have to decide in today’s more flexible familial standards.

For the most part, it is simple to determine the immediate family that will seek such a claim. These would be a spouse, including domestic partners, and children of the deceased.

A partner who is not married or registered domestic partner, may have to file a special request to the court to get permission to file a wrongful death lawsuit. The same special permission may be required for step children or parents. If you fall within one of these classifications, the other side will challenge your right to collect in a wrongful death lawsuit. This is why it is important to hire experienced Massachusetts personal injury attorneys for your case.

If you have sustained an injury on a job site, you have choices as to what actions to undertake for compensation. Boston workplace accident attorney

The best way to make the best decision for your case is by consulting with an experienced workplace injury lawyer who can evaluate the details of your injury and help you fully understand your options.

Workers’ Compensation

At about 5:30 a.m. today a tractortrailer jackknifed suddenly on Route 93.  Jack-knifed Tractor-Trailer Shuts Down Highway

This happened on the route traveling southbound, just before Exit 36 in Woburn.

The accident forced the closure of the right two lanes of the highway.

Both lanes were reopened about an hour later.

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At 3:18 a.m. today, Massachusetts State Police reported that an accident occurred between eastbound Route 290 and northbound Route 495Marlborough tractor-trailer rollover injuries

In Marlborough, a tractor-trailer rolled over at the steep curve. The accident caused a bottleneck on that interchange.

Massachusetts Department of Transportation and Marlbourgh Fire were on the scene. The trailer was removed by Ricky’s Towing.

No further details have been released as to the driver’s identity or cause of the rollover.

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Did you know that taking your eyes off the road while driving 55 miles per hour, for even one sec means that you will have missed traveling the length of a football field. That is a lot of scenery and roadway conditions you would have missed.  National Distracted Driving Awareness Month

Five seconds are the typical amount of time it takes to engage with a text message.

April is  National Distracted Driving Awareness Month, to bring awareness to the dangers of distracted driving.

Unexpected tire failure can turn into a serious situation. Are You Driving on Safe Tires?

In a tire-blowout accident, remaining calm can help save your life. In an unexpected tire failure scenario, simply slowly lift your foot from the gas pedal.

Avoid using your brakes. maneuver your car in a straight line and let it slowly come to a stop at a safe location away from the flow of traffic.

If you file a Boston personal injury lawsuit, the amount you will receive in an award or settlement depends on many factors. Mainly, it depends on the financial damaged you Boston What to Know About Whiplash Claims (Part 1)incurred, the non-financial damages, and your liability for the accident.


Financial damages are legally called “economic damages”. They are are accident-related costs that you can easily compute. This means items such as medical costs, lost earnings, and the lost earning potential are all types of economic damage. An award is designed to reimburse you for financial expenses that you would not have had if the collision never happened.

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