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download-2-3If you’ve been hurt in a Massachusetts car accident, you almost certainly have many questions and few answers.  Your future looks murky at best as you struggle just to make it through a day to day routine that you did not plan for and certainly did not want to happen.  As you go to doctor appointment after doctor appointment and you haven’t been cleared to go back to work, you are probably wondering what you can actually recover from your Massachusetts personal injury case.

Massachusetts Damages Law

In car accidents as in every other civil case, an injured Plaintiff may be entitled to damages from a Defendant.  Damages is simply a legal term for the amount of money or other compensation you are asking to receive.  In Massachusetts personal injury cases there are several types of damages available to injured victims, including:

If you file a Boston personal injury lawsuit, the amount you will receive in an award or settlement depends on many factors. Mainly, it depends on the financial damaged you Boston What to Know About Whiplash Claims (Part 1)incurred, the non-financial damages, and your liability for the accident.


Financial damages are legally called “economic damages”. They are are accident-related costs that you can easily compute. This means items such as medical costs, lost earnings, and the lost earning potential are all types of economic damage. An award is designed to reimburse you for financial expenses that you would not have had if the collision never happened.

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In a Massachusetts personal injury lawsuit, a monetary award is meant to compensate you for your injuries from an accident. This means giving you back, in some form, what you have lost, if possible. These are sometimes simple things like property loss and medical expenses. However, the level of pain and Massachusetts types of damagessuffering can be difficult to put into monetary terms.

Here are some definitions of “damages” you will hear about in your case:

  • Medical Expenses – this is exactly what is sounds like, the money put into making you better, including continuing treatment into the future.
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