What Expenses and Injuries are Compensated in a Personal Injury Case?

In a Massachusetts personal injury lawsuit, a monetary award is meant to compensate you for your injuries from an accident. This means giving you back, in some form, what you have lost, if possible. These are sometimes simple things like property loss and medical expenses. However, the level of pain and Massachusetts types of damagessuffering can be difficult to put into monetary terms.

Here are some definitions of “damages” you will hear about in your case:

  • Medical Expenses – this is exactly what is sounds like, the money put into making you better, including continuing treatment into the future.
  • Lost Wages – if you were unable to make a living because of the accident or your recovery time, the income you would have earned is something that you can get in the lawsuit; this includes future income if you cannot work in the future.
  • Property loss –  this would be the value of any object that was damaged in the accident, the value you get is called the “fair market value”
  • Pain and suffering – this is essentially the inconvenience you had to suffer due to the accident
  • Emotional distress – this will be available in catastrophic accidents which cause severe impact on your mental health
  • Loss of enjoyment – this is awarded when your accident injuries prevent you from going back to the like activities you had before, and thereby you joy for life is diminished

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