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Tractor-Trailer Accident on I-90
On June 12, a tractor-trailer accident caused traffic delays. The accident was reported to Massachusetts State Police around 6 in the morning. The accident occurred on I-90 in Palmer on the eastbound side of the freeway and involved one other vehicle.

Emergency crews including police and fire were dispatched to the scene and arrived quickly. They discovered that the accident was caused one individual to sustain injuries, and emergency medical care was administered at the scene. The extent of their injuries is still being determined. Police directed traffic away from the area, and, within the hour, the accident was cleared and traffic resumed as normal. There were no fatalities reported in this accident.

Injuries and Trucking Accidents

Tractor-Trailer Wreck Causes Delays on Mass Pike
An accident involving large trucks can cause a lot of damage because these vehicles are so big.

A tractor-trailer that jackknife on the Mass Pike caused major backups to traffic on Monday morning.

Police confirm that the truck was in the median and the left lane was blocked. It does not appear that anyone was injured in this crash.

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