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Holding school districts accountable for negligence resulting in student injuries just got a lot harder in Massachusetts. personal injury attorney

Governmental immunity laws meant that it was never a cakewalk, and plaintiffs pursuing liability claims against school districts in Boston and elsewhere in the Commonwealth always had their work cut out for them. The latest ruling in Commier v. City of Lynn et al just makes the climb for justice that much steeper.

This was a heartbreaking case involving a boy who was just a fourth-grader when he was a victim of school bullying so severe he now suffers from permanent paralysis. The boy’s parents had filed numerous complaints with the school district prior to the incident in question, and it’s their contention the school’s response was insufficient to abate the danger their son faced, particularly when the district had a duty to protect him.

Now, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court has held that school districts are shielded from liability in the event a student is injured by a classmate, thanks to the Massachusetts Tort Claims ActContinue reading

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According to a recent news release from CNN, a hot air balloon crashed in Texas and cost the lives of 16 people.  The deadly balloon crash occurred around 30 miles from Austin, Texas, according to authorities.

hot-air-balloon-1-1518704While the cause of the accident is still under investigation, witnesses and investigation authorities believe the balloon crashed into power lines causing it to burst into flames before hitting the ground. The company that owned the balloon involved in the deadly accident regularly offers customers hot air balloon rides.  The balloon can go to numerous destinations in the area and, according to their website, charges customers around $400 each for a ride on the balloon. Continue reading

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Mixed martial arts of “MMA” as it it often called includes the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) as well as many other leagues and competitions. There is no question that these MMA fighters and events are becoming more popular after being watched by only a small group of fans for such a long time.  Rhonda Rousey has become a household name and is currently starring in major Hollywood motion pictures, and everyone was waiting to see what happened during her much publicized match with Holly Holm.  Unfortunately, that did not go so well for Rousey as everyone now knows, but that may be the least of these fighters’ problems, according to a recent news feature in the Irish Times.

457973__1As discussed in this article, around one third of all matches will result in one or both fighters suffering a traumatic brain injury (TBI).   There have been a lot of studies on this after the recent releases about the injuries to NFL players, as well as the death of Joao Carvalho, who was a mixed martial arts fighter.  He dies as a result of complications stemming from a traumatic brain injury. Continue reading