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Traffic was delayed on the Mass Pike traveling eastbound in Chicopee because of a brush fireChicopee Mass Pike Highway FIre

According to Massachusetts State Police Trooper reports, the fire could be seen near  Exit 6.

There are no further details on whether vehicles were involved, or if any injuries were sustained due to an accident.

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In a Massachusetts personal injury lawsuit, a monetary award is meant to compensate you for your injuries from an accident. This means giving you back, in some form, what you have lost, if possible. These are sometimes simple things like property loss and medical expenses. However, the level of pain and Massachusetts types of damagessuffering can be difficult to put into monetary terms.

Here are some definitions of “damages” you will hear about in your case:

  • Medical Expenses – this is exactly what is sounds like, the money put into making you better, including continuing treatment into the future.
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At about 5 a.m. on Monday, Brockton Fire  arrived at a street corner in Brockton to find one silver vehicle plowed into a utility pole. A second black Brockton two car utility pole crashvehicle  appeared to have run into the street sign next to the utility pole on the same block. There are no further details available at the moment, however, video was captured by BLTV News on Twitter.

Utility Pole vs Car Lawsuit

Thousands of utility pole collisions happen across the country annually. Utility pole placement alone can be determined to be the cause of some accidents. If a utility pole was placed in an area that made it more likely for a car accident to occur, then the owner of the pole would be liable for the accident injuries.

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Preparing yourself for what to do after a car accident is important. But, it can be equally as important to remember what not to do.

Do not make any statements to your insurance company unless and until your coverage is explained to you. You do not have to consent to the conversation being recorded either. Massachusetts personal injury attorney what not to do after accident

Do not just take what the insurance company or contractor say is their belief of your total loss. This number may be lower than what your actual property loss is. It is important to also obtain legal advice and representation before you sign any documentation with the insurance company or their contractors. This is especially true when it comes to settling your claim. Do not let your personal circumstances affect your ability to get the most compensation possible. Along with not accepting any documentation from your insurance company that requires your signature, do not accept a check from them that purports to be a settlement of all your claims even though you have not signed anything.

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After experiencing a car accident, it is important to know what to do next.  If you are injured in the accident, you may plan on going directly to seek medical care. En route, if you can, contact your insurance. It is always best to contact them first, and as soon as possible. Hopefully, you have quick online access to your insurance policy or a copy in your car. The next thing to do is to have that handy so that you can review it while on the phone with insurance. Car Accident checklist Massachusetts personal injury attorney

All communications with your insurance company should be recorded by you in some manner, like taking notes during or after the conversation. You should know who you talked to, direct contact numbers and titles of the persons you communicate with. In any conversation you have, make sure you tell the truth and leave nothing out.

Once you have contacted insurance and have had medical attention, you might next want to investigate whether you have other insurance policies that may cover you. These are commonly known as “umbrella” policies, or coverage through your homeowner’s insurance, renter’s insurance or self-employment insurance.

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After you are in a car accident, the insurance company is not supposed to be there for you. You will be in a battle with them to get that to which you are entitled. This is because insurance companies are Massachusetts personal injury attorney insurance adjusteronly profitable if they do not pay out claims. This is why it is very important to hire experienced Massachusetts personal injury attorneys like those at the Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Glassman to avoid begin taken advantage of by the insurance company.

Insurance adjusters will pretend that they care and are your friend. This is to get your guard down to take whatever they offer. It is also to get you to say things, like admitting fault, which results in the company not having to pay out a claim.

The insurance company may demand documentation that they do not really need. They are always looking for more information to close their investigation. The more information they get their hands on, the more likely it is they can trump up an excuse not to pay your claim.

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A contingency fee is what your lawyer is paid from whatever you are awarded in a personal injury case. The fee comes from the settlement or trial award. The fee is disbursed once the settlement is finalized with the Massachusetts personal injury attorney contingency fee agreementinsurance company. The benefit of a contingency fee, besides not paying your lawyer up front, is that you did not need to think about how many hours the lawyer works. The fee is based on a percentage of the ultimate award.

Before you begin a case with your attorney, make sure you have a written agreement. The agreement will detail what to expect once you do receive an award. It basically lays out the percentage that will be taken from the ultimate award and paid to the attorney. Your attorney will determine what percentage will be deducted, at the outset of your relationship, based on the following factors: the difficulty of the case, his or her experience in such cases, the severity of the injuries, how soon after the accident the attorney is hired, the likelihood of trial, and the unique needs of the client.

In the unusual circumstance that you are not awarded anything in your case, you will not have to pay your attorney’s fee. In this kind of case, you know that your attorney wants to recover compensation for you as much as you do. Otherwise, all the time put into your case does not get compensated.

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The attorneys at the Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Glassman want to eliminate the fictions and misunderstandings that pervade the personal injury clients world before they come into our offices. Depending on your Fictions about Massachusetts personal injury casemisunderstandings of personal injury matters during your case can actually harm the attorney’s ability to be successful on your behalf.

Potentially less severe injuries: Thinking you do not have to report a less severe injury to law enforcement. False! Report every pain and bruise. Anything you leave out can come back to haunt you and diminish your credibility.

Uninsured motorists: Thinking that you cannot pursue compensation because the other driver was not insured. False! If you are insured, your own insurance can cover your bills and compensate your pain and suffering. This depends on your policy.

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Did you know that if you have an attorney representing you, you are much more likely to get your claim paid by the insurance company? The insurance company actually does not want you to have a lawyer, and they Massachusetts personal injury attorney secrets of insurance companieswill make attempts to get you to believe that.

Every time you speak with an insurance adjuster, you are being recorded. They are trying to preserve any holes in your story as excuses to not pay out your claims. This is why you never want to talk to insurance adjusters, and simply direct them to your attorney.

An insurance adjuster will make you think they are doing you a favor by offering an out of court settlement. However, such a settlement is most beneficial for them. So don’t believe their bluff when they act like they will be prepared to go to court on your claim. They really do not want to. It is far more costly for them.

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When people are debating whether or not they should retain legal counsel for assistance in filing a claim following a car crash, the individuals are usually having one or more internal debates. In many cases, people have some initial doubts about whether an attorney would handle their case.

hire Boston personal injury attorney


If the accident does seem like the kind of case that a lawyer would handle, then the next concern is usually paying that attorney. Some people begin convincing themselves that they’ll be able to keep more of their money by handling cases themselves.

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