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download-4-2Boston, MA (July 5, 2018) – A rush hour crash on I-93 left travelers stuck in traffic and injured one person on Thursday morning.  The crash occurred around 9:00 am in the northbound lanes of the highway, near exit 14.  One person was injured as a result of the crash.  Ambulance and fire officials responded to the accident, along with local police.  The extent and severity of injuries is not known at this time.

Heavy traffic delays were reported approaching the accident scene.  Police worked to clear the collision for approximately an hour.  During that time, traffic flow was impeded in the affected lanes.  Eventually, the lanes were re-opened and traffic returned to normal.  No additional information was immediately available.

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cars_on_highway-300x225Boston, MA (June 26, 2018) – Several injuries were reported to Massachusetts State Police in a three car accident that took place Monday on I-93.  The crash occurred just prior to 3:00 pm in the southbound lanes of the highway prior to exit 24.  In all, five cars were involved in the crash.

Boston police say that a 27 year old from Lowell, and his 29 year old passenger in a 2011 Kia Sportage were transported to Tufts Medical Center.  Additionally, a 27 year old New Jersey woman in an Audi A3 was taken to Massachusetts General Hospital for treatment.  None of the others involved in the accident were injured.

State Police Sergeant Sullivan said that the accident is still under investigation by their agency.  Sullivan did not provide a cause for the crash or an update on the injured victims.  The crash was cleared and the roadway was opened back to motorists by 5:00 pm.

images-2-1Police responded to a multi vehicle accident with reported injuries on I-93 Friday morning. The accident occurred just as motorists were getting on the highway for their morning commutes.  Police in Methuen, Massachusetts were called to the accident scene at Exit 48 around 7:00 am.

Upon their arrival, authorities located multiple vehicles that had just been involved in an accident on the highway off ramp.  Injuries were reported on the scene of the crash and emergency medical personnel were then dispatched to help the injured victims.  At this time, the Methuen police have not released any cause for this accident nor have they identified anyone involved.  At this time, we do not believe that any life-threatening injuries were caused by the crash.

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Six-Vehicle Pile-up Accident in North Attleboro Causes InjuriesI-93 traffic got off to a rough start on Thursday morning with an injury accident involving multiple vehicles.  The accident happened around 5:00 am on Route 24 southbound in the left travel lane.  This stretch of roadway is located in Andover, Massachusetts.  Police in Andover rushed to the crash scene to check on the injured victims and to secure the area around the accident.

Traffic was blocked in the left travel lanes for some period of time as police were clearing the roadway of cars and debris.  After about an hour, the road re-opened for motorists and traffic was allowed to pass through again.   Although there were injuries in this accident, there is no further detail on the the severity or extent of the injuries to those involved.  We will bring you more information about this crash if it later becomes available.

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Tractor-Trailer Accident on I-90A crash on I-93 this morning at the peak of rush hour caused major headaches for motorists traveling southbound.  The crash happened just before Exit 44 in Andover, Massachusetts.  The wreck caused two left travel lanes to be completely blocked on the southbound side of the highway.  Additionally, at least one lane of the northbound side was also blocked while the accident was in the clearing stages.  Motorists in both directions on I-93 experienced heavy delays as they attempted to make it through their morning commute.

Police in Andover report that there were also injuries involved in this collision.  Medical personnel were on the scene along with police.  Officers were on scene for approximately an hour while investigating the accident.  After the road was re-opened, motorists continued to experience delays while passing by the site of the accident.  No updates were given on the condition of the injured victims nor has a cause for the crash been listed by authorities.

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Accident with Minor Injuries at Zakim Bridge A midday crash on I-93 caused injuries and major traffic delays for motorists on Tuesday.  I-93 was the site of the crash on Route 128 SB at Exit 37.  The call came in to the Reading, Massachusetts Police and Fire Departments around noon.  First responders made their way out to the accident scene where they discovered a multiple car crash in the right lane of the highway.  There were also injuries reported in this collision, although it is not known at this time whether the injuries are serious or life-threatening to those involved.

Police and emergency personnel worked on the scene for a significant time tending to injured victims, clearing the scene of debris and working to resume normal traffic flow following the accident.  The right lanes of I-93 were blocked by this crash.  There were significant residual delays in traffic approaching the accident scene.  The delays persisted even after police cleared the accident scene and the involved vehicles were moved from the roadway.  There is no word on the identities of those involved, the injured victims or the cause of the crash.  The investigation remains ongoing.

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Two-Vehicle Accident Leads to Death of Robert LindA woman who was killed in a weekend crash in Braintree, Massachusetts has been identified by police.  Sheikeya Davis was traveling on I-93 in Braintree on Saturday around 1:00 am.   Davis’s 2003 Buick Rendezvous lost control and hit a guardrail on the roadside.  She then exited her vehicle.  Davis was outside her vehicle when a second car came along and smashed into the Buick.  The Buick was pushed into Davis who was standing in front of the car.

The driver of the second car is a 20 year old woman from Brockton.  She suffered serious injuries in the crash and was taken to the hospital.  Police have not identified her at this time and her current condition is unknown.  The cause of the crash is still under investigation.  At this time, no charges have been filed and it remains unclear whether police intend to charge the 20 year old for her role in the crash.

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Vehicle Accident on Plantation StreetI-93 has been the source of several injury and other accidents over the past several days.  Police in the area have been busy responding to multiple calls for assistance on this road, including some serious injury accidents.  Another I-93 collision occurred on Monday evening.   This time, the crash happened at approximately 10:00 pm near the Tobin Bridge at exit 27.   Officers were dispatched to a multiple vehicle accident causing injuries at that time.

The injuries sustained in the crash are unclear at this time, however, we do know that some injuries were sustained.   Medical assistance was provided to those on scene.  Police have not provided any updates on the condition of victims, however, they also did not note that any injuries were life-threatening which we are glad to hear.  I-93 traffic resumed to normal and was flowing normally again late Monday night and into Tuesday morning as police cleared the crash scene and roadway of debris and vehicles.

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download-4A multiple vehicle accident occurred on I-93 near exit 15 Sunday afternoon.  The sequence of the crash remains unclear, however, police in Dorcester were called to the scene at approximately noon.  Upon arrival, they discovered a chaotic scene.  One of the many vehicles involved in the crash had caught fire.  The result was a huge pillar of black smoke overspreading both sides of the highway.  Traffic in both directions was snarled as fire officials worked to extinguish the flames.

Medical personnel quickly responded to the scene.  They administered medical treatment to those injured in the crash.  Miraculously, it appears that although there are injuries, all drivers escaped the flames in time to avoid what would have likely been a fatal accident.  The accident remains under investigation at this time.  Authorities were on scene for several hours while the investigation of the accident continued.  Few other details have been released and those involved in the crash have not been identified.

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Arthur J. Healey Jr. Killed in Motorcycle CrashA weekend collision on Interstate 93 near exit 3 left two motorcyclists injured.  The collision was reported to authorities on Saturday morning at around 10:00 am.   First responders rushed to the scene of the crash.  Upon their arrival, they discovered two motorcyclists lying in the roadway suffering from serious injuries.  Both motorcyclists were located in the high speed lane of the highway.

Firefighters from the Salem fire department responded to the crash.  They found one motorcyclist lying on the ground against a guardrail. The second motorcyclist was lying just north of the first.  One patient is described as having multiple abrasions which are not considered life threatening.  The second is described as having lower back and lower leg injuries, along with multiple abrasions.  It is unclear if the second man’s injuries are life-threatening.

Both patients were transported to a Boston hospital as the investigation of the crash remained ongoing.  The current condition of the victims has not been revealed.  Authorities have also not identified either motorcyclist in the crash.

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