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download-4A multiple vehicle accident occurred on I-93 near exit 15 Sunday afternoon.  The sequence of the crash remains unclear, however, police in Dorcester were called to the scene at approximately noon.  Upon arrival, they discovered a chaotic scene.  One of the many vehicles involved in the crash had caught fire.  The result was a huge pillar of black smoke overspreading both sides of the highway.  Traffic in both directions was snarled as fire officials worked to extinguish the flames.

Medical personnel quickly responded to the scene.  They administered medical treatment to those injured in the crash.  Miraculously, it appears that although there are injuries, all drivers escaped the flames in time to avoid what would have likely been a fatal accident.  The accident remains under investigation at this time.  Authorities were on scene for several hours while the investigation of the accident continued.  Few other details have been released and those involved in the crash have not been identified.

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