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Vehicle Accident on Plantation StreetI-93 has been the source of several injury and other accidents over the past several days.  Police in the area have been busy responding to multiple calls for assistance on this road, including some serious injury accidents.  Another I-93 collision occurred on Monday evening.   This time, the crash happened at approximately 10:00 pm near the Tobin Bridge at exit 27.   Officers were dispatched to a multiple vehicle accident causing injuries at that time.

The injuries sustained in the crash are unclear at this time, however, we do know that some injuries were sustained.   Medical assistance was provided to those on scene.  Police have not provided any updates on the condition of victims, however, they also did not note that any injuries were life-threatening which we are glad to hear.  I-93 traffic resumed to normal and was flowing normally again late Monday night and into Tuesday morning as police cleared the crash scene and roadway of debris and vehicles.

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