Pedestrian Seriously Injured in 3-Car Accident on Sidewalk

In a recent downtown Boston accident, a pedestrian was seriously injured. According to 7NEWS, it happened at the intersection of Stuart and Berkeley Streets. The pedestrian was on the sidewalk when the accident happened. Officials report that it was the result of a chain reaction-type accident involving three vehicles. The pedestrian was transported to Mass General Hospital.
Though the number of pedestrian fatalities fell from 5,585 in 1995 to 4,280 in 2010, there were an estimated 70,000 reported pedestrian injuries in 2010. While the decline is uplifting, it may be an illusion. Officials believe that hospital records aren't even the tip of the iceberg when it comes to pedestrian accidents, injuries and fatalities as many are never even reported to the police.

Our Boston pedestrian accident lawyers understand that there are roughly 2 million pedestrians each and every day in the city of Boston. Less than 1 million call our city home, but when you factor in all of the workers and tourists to the area that number swells. With such a high number of people walking throughout our area, pedestrian safety is an issue of critical importance, according to the Boston Public Health Commission.

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Hopeful Spinal Cord Stem-Cell Trials Move to U.S.

Spinal cord injuries can be the most devastating and permanent for victims and their families. While physical therapy and some treatments can improve the quality of life for accident victims, some must suffer a lifetime of incapacity and countless other adversities. New spinal cord research trials may offer hope to accident victims and their loved ones.

For decades, stem-cell research and other treatment trials have focused on improving conditions for spinal cord victims. Our Massachusetts spinal cord injury attorneys are dedicated to helping accident victims recover compensation after a life-altering injury. We understand the gravity of circumstances faced by our clients and will work strategically to protect their rights and financial security after an accident.


A neuroscience professor at Rutgers has focused his life's work on finding a cure for spinal cord injuries. He is teaming up with an Army captain and West Point graduate who is dedicated his boxing prize money to finding a cure. The men have teamed up for personal reasons and scientific passions in hopes that spinal cord accident victims may one day be able to walk.

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Halloween Safety for Homeowners - Premises Liability on America's Spookiest Holiday

The month of October is an exciting time for house decorations, carving pumpkins, costumes, Halloween parties, haunted houses, and enjoying the season. Throughout the chaos and festivities of Halloween, it is important for homeowners and enthusiasts to remember safety. From pedestrian and traffic safety to preventing encounters with strangers, parents and party-goers throughout Massachusetts can plan ahead to prevent potential Halloween accidents and injuries.


Trick-or-treating and other Halloween traditions have long been a safety concern. Our Massachusetts personal injury attorneys are dedicated to helping you prevent injury. From understanding the importance of traffic safety to remaining aware of other property dangers, here are some Halloween safety tips for you and your family.

Street safety for drivers and pedestrians. Halloween means crowded streets, costumes with low visibility, and endless distractions. Whether you are trick-or-treating with your children or driving in a car, remember to pay attention and avoid cell phone use, especially when in neighborhoods where there may be a lot of children.

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Studies Reveal Transvaginal Mesh Both Unsafe and Ineffective

Transvaginal mesh has been used as a primary treatment in repairing vaginal damage after childbirth and in treating incontinence. While the number of lawsuits involving transvaginal mesh is on the rise, new research indicates that the use of mesh product offers no variation in cure rates. The study suggests that many women who were injured by transvaginal mesh also didn't see any remedial medical benefit.


Injuries caused by transvaginal mesh are known to be severe. Our Massachusetts transvaginal mesh attorneys are dedicated to helping the victims of dangerous medical products. We are also committed to staying abreast of topical issues in this area, including research surrounding the benefits and dangers of medical devices. According to the Georgetown University study (published in the September issue of Obstetrics and Gynecology), there were no variation in cure rates between those who did and did not have transvaginal mesh.

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Will Your Pet Restraint Protect Your Dog in an Accident?

Boston car accident lawyers know that responsible pet owners typically use restraints to secure their dog when driving with their animal in the car. Most manufacturers of pet restraints claim to test their products to ensure safety in a car accident and to help put pet owner's minds at ease. New research, however, suggests that most pet car restraints aren't actually safe at all. bichon2-1429569-m.jpg

Pet owners need to understand the safety protocols in place for pet restraints and should do research carefully to ensure that the restraint they choose will provide the best protection for their beloved animal companion.

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Many Parents Don't Know What Their Teen Drivers Are Doing

Graduated drivers license programs exist to prevent teen driving accidents by slowly giving young people more privileges and more responsibilities behind the wheel. Graduated driving license laws, however, work only when they are enforced and when teens obey them. Law enforcement cannot be everywhere at all times, so parents are usually in the best position to make sure their young teen drivers are following the letter of the law and making smart driving decisions. traffic-lights-1227798-m.jpg

Unfortunately, recent studies have shown that parents may not really be aware of what their kids are doing. There are major disconnects in parental attitudes towards graduated driving license restrictions and teen views on these restrictions, and teens are obeying the law way less often than their parents think they are. Our Boston car accident lawyers know that this means many young people are in danger and many parents need to take a different approach that provides more protection for their kids and other motorists on the road.

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National Hockey League Players and Head Injury Lawsuits

The reality of head injuries is in the public spotlight, especially since professional athletes have come forward acknowledging the long-term and debilitating reality of high contact sports. The NFL has settled hundreds of lawsuits and now it seems as though players in the NHL may also be coming forward with their injuries and disabilities stemming from long-term exposure to high-impact head traumas.

While black eyes, lost teeth, bruising, even broken bones are common on the ice, they may not have a permanent affect. Long-term professional hockey players are realizing the devastating toll that a career can take on the body, especially brain function. Our Massachusetts brain injury attorneys are experienced in complicated cases involving acute brain trauma and long-term exposure to high-impact sports. Our legal team is abreast of all legal developments and cases against entities, including professional sports organizations.


Professional hockey players have acknowledged that the game and the culture of the sport has changed. There seems to be more aggressive elbowing, body checks, and cheap shots, even to the head. Many of these players have been involved in the heavy-contact, high-impact sports since they were young children. Doctors and sports professionals have increasingly found that this brutality on the ice can take a toll in the long-run for professional hockey players.

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Is Your SmartPhone Habit Tempting You To Drive While Distracted?

Massachusetts and 41 other states have banned texting and driving, and our Boston car accident lawyers know that as many as 94 percent of respondents to a federal survey have said that they support laws prohibiting texting. Yet, even as police issue citations and drivers express concern that cell phone use is dangerous, motorists continue to use their cell phones in the car every day. mobile-phone-in-hand-1307593-m.jpg

The Boston Globe has recently taken a close look at why so many drivers continue to text even when they know it is risky. The answer that many experts have come up with: checking your phone is a powerful habit for many and checking the phone has become almost automatic.

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Does Cruise Control Help to Reduce Car Accident Risks?

Cruise control is one of the most popular features on cars and can make long trips much more pleasant for drivers. One key question, though, is whether cruise control makes driving safer or whether it increases the risk of accidents. A French study attempted to answer this question, but as the Boston Herald reports, the results showed that the impact of cruise control on an accident risk is not clear-cut. car-interior-1094865-m.jpg

Our Boston car accident lawyers know that the NHTSA has listed adaptive cruise control as an important emerging crash avoidance technology that could mitigate the effects of poor driver performance. Unfortunately, adaptive cruise control technologies are still costly and out of reach for most motorists, so motorists using their standard cruise control need to understand how its use can both make driving safer and how using cruise control can create accident risks.

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Safety Must Be Top Priority As Two Boston Bus Carriers Try to Get Back on the Road

Two Boston bus carriers shut down by federal authorities earlier this year are now trying to get back up and running. The bus carriers, Lucky Star and Fung Wah, ran regular bus trips between South Station and New York's Chinatown. wheels-on-a-bus-1363811-m.jpg

Our Boston bus accident attorneys know that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration data shows 283 people were killed in bus crashes in 2011 alone. Since bus crashes can be serious and even fatal for passengers, motorists should be cautious about riding on bus carriers with a history of federal violations.

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Snow and Ice: Slip and Fall Season and Liability

As the winter season draws near, snow mounds, unplowed parking lots, and icy sidewalks can create the danger for pedestrians and shoppers. While it may seem too early to start that discussion, the reality is risks are highest through the first couple snowfalls as motorists adjust their driving, pedestrians get their winter feet, and businesses and property owners get squared away for the long winter's fight. Our Boston personal injury attorneys are experienced with negligence claims and are dedicated to raising awareness about building safety and maintenance.

In 2010, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled in Papadopoulous v. Target Corp. that all Massachusetts property owners are legally responsible for the removal of ice and snow from their residence or business. According to an old common law, otherwise known as the "Massachusetts Rule" owners could leave snow and ice on their property to accumulate without liability. After all other courts throughout New England dismissed the bygone common law, the Supreme Judicial Court held that property owners must treat snow and ice as a dangerous condition.


You have probably heard of the expression "slip and fall," but do you know what it means and who can be held responsible in the event of an injury? Falls on commercial or residential property can be extremely dangerous and can cause permanent damage to victims. It is important to have a clear understanding of premises liability if you have suffered an accident to identify responsible individuals and entities.

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Mass. Bill Proposed to Test Young Athletes for Head Injuries

In the aftermath of numerous high school athlete deaths and NFL player lawsuits involving traumatic brain injuries, health officials, legislators, parents and school administrators are pursuing options to make high school sports safer for young players. Traumatic brain injuries may not be immediately identifiable, but can have serious consequences for victims. Head injuries can cause immediate impairment as well as long-term damage, especially with repetitive exposure to impact.


Massachusetts lawmakers are currently in the process of creating a bill that would require testing of young athletes for brain injuries. Advocates for this bill assert that providing an initial screening process could reduce the chance of injury and give doctors additional information in the event of an accident. Our Massachusetts brain injury attorneys are dedicated to protecting young athletes against long-term damage caused by brain injuries, including concussion. We are committed to staying abreast of all developments in the law and in public health to prevent future accidents and injury.

Throughou Massachusetts, young athletes are at risk of brain injury every time they step on the field. State legislators have heard from concussion victims who suffer from migraine headaches, memory loss, and other cognitive issues related to sports injuries. For some victims of sport-related accidents, an injury can strip a student's ability to drive, use a phone, or have normal activities with friends. Concussions can lead to migraine headaches and in some cases, students are told to refrain from reading, watching TV or engaging in other activities that could slow brain healing. Not only will these side effects impact a teen social life, but a brain injury could also result in lower grades and ultimately impact long-term potential.

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Children Should Be in a Car Seat or Seat Belt at All Times in the Car

Car accident fatalities are always tragic, but it can be especially devastating when a young child or infant is killed by a dangerous or reckless driver. Our auto accident attorneys in Massachusetts know that no matter how carefully a parent or guardian drives, a child's life could be endangered by other negligent motorists on the road. seatbelt-602535-m.jpg

While there is nothing a parent can do to keep dangerous drivers off the road, parents can help to protect their children by making sure their kids are in a car seat or wearing a seat belt at all times. A National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) news release has emphasized the importance of properly securing children in a vehicle, offering some tips to parents and caregivers to help keep kids safe in case an auto accident happens.

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"Choosing Wisely" Campaign Reminds Doctors & Patients To be Cautious About the Use of Potentially Dangerous Drugs

Anti-psychotic medications have been linked to potentially dangerous side effects, including an increase in the risk of suicidal thoughts; birth defects and miscarriages; and causing patients to experience severe withdrawal symptoms when discontinuing the use of the medications. While our dangerous drug lawyers know that sometimes the benefits of these drugs outweigh the risks, it is also clear that anti-depressants shouldn't be prescribed unless the medications are truly necessary for the health of the patient. drugs-pills-1418717-m.jpg

Unfortunately, many medical professionals and industry-experts, including the American Psychiatric Association, have recognized that anti-psychotic medications are widely overused. To try to combat this problem and encourage doctors and patients to question whether the drugs are necessary rather than relying so much on these medications, a new campaign has been launched called "Choosing Wisely."

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New Study Shows Twice as Many Patients May be Dying from Medical Mistakes as Previous Data Suggested

New data published in the Journal of Patient Safety suggests that previous estimates regarding the number of fatal medical mistakes are far too low. If the new estimates are accurate, medical malpractice is the third leading cause of death in America, with only heart disease and cancer killing more Americans. nurseii-2-1158335-m.jpg

Our Boston medical malpractice lawyers know that there are many deaths and many more injuries each year because of medical errors. A medical mistake can be fatal for many different reasons and it is important for patients to understand the greatest risks so they can do everything possible to protect themselves from becoming a victim.

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