Daycare Operator Charged in Shaken Baby Case

According to a recent news article from the Washington Post, the operator of a daycare facility has been arrested and charged in connection with what is believed to be a shaken baby injury to a nine-month-old child.

269548_emergency.jpgWitnesses say victim dropped her daughter off at the daycare center before going to work. Later that afternoon, daycare owner called 911. When first responders arrived, daycare owner allegedly told EMTs she gave the baby her bottle and placed her in a swing. She said the baby started to cry, but quickly stopped, so she assumed infant had fallen asleep. She went to answer a knock at the front door, and when she returned a few minutes later, the child wasn't breathing. At this point, she told EMTs she performed CPR on the baby and got her to breathe again.

EMTs took the baby to Children's National Medical Center, where doctors tell a different story. Court records show doctors saying infant had bleeding above two halves of her brain and the pattern of injuries suggest child was not breathing for an extended period of time. Hospital records indicate the baby was in the moderate to severe end of the spectrum used to quantify the severity of shaken baby syndrome.

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Brady v. Urbas: Informed Consent in Medical Malpractice Cases

Brady v. Urbas, a case from the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, involved plaintiff who suffered from long-term foot problems. Her foot issues were due to toe deformities.

xray-1319306-m.jpgPlaintiff had been going to the same podiatrist for years, and he was successfully able to perform surgical procedures to treat the problems with her left foot. At this point, he continued to treat the deformed toes on her right foot.

Plaintiff's primary problem on her right foot was a medical condition known by doctors and patients as hammertoe. Hammertoe in her second toe caused her middle toe to rise, so it was sitting above the natural plane of the sole of her foot. This made it extremely painful when wearing shoes.

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Keys v. Alta Bates Summit Med. Ctr.: Medical Malpractice Claims

Keys v. Alta Bates Summit Med. Ctr., an appeal from the California Court of Appeal, involved a woman who was fatally injured during a surgical procedure on her thyroid. On the morning of the injury, patient's daughter and sister took her to the hospital early in the morning. The surgery was completed in what doctors believed to be a successful manner and transferred patient to the postoperative recovery unit.

1031747_hospital.jpgWhile in recovery, a nurse observed plaintiff's breath to be noisy at 6:45 p.m. Nurse believed this noise was caused by a stridor, which involves an obstruction to the upper airway. The nurse called a code for a rapid assessment team to come and check on patient's condition at 6:46 p.m., and the team arrived at 6:48 p.m. This team was made up of a respiratory therapist and an intensive care unit (ICU) nurse. The team left patient's room at 6:57 p.m.

While the respiratory code team was in patient's room, they called her surgeon at 6:50 p.m. and informed him about her respiratory issues. Surgeon arrived at some time before 7 p.m. Once there, he attempted to reposition patient and suction her nose and mouth. He then tried to remove her bandages and sutures to relieve pressure, and she stopped breathing at 7:23 p.m.

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Hodson v. Taylor: Premises Liability Claims

Hodson v. Taylor, a case from the Supreme Court of Nebraska, involved plaintiff who was injured in a lake accident. Plaintiff and group of friends were invited to lake house owned by the parents of a member of group. All members of the group were around 18 at the time of the accident.

sunset-winter-scene-1250442-m.jpgThe family owned a pontoon boat, which the teens took out on the lake. The teens had each consumed several beers and would drive the boat to a location where they would jump into the water several times and swim around. After going to a few locations in the lake and engaging in these activities, the boat made a stop at the group's final location. At this point, members of the group jumped off the boat repeatedly and swam around in the lake.

At one point, plaintiff jumped off the pontoon boat and hit an object he believed to be the bottom of the lake. None of the teens were sure of the lake's depth at the time of his injury, but they all reported they swam without touching the bottom. Hitting the object in the lake was the last thing plaintiff remembered from that day.

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Unlicensed Child Care Provider Charged in Child Death

According to a recent report from Fox News, a judge has issued a warrant for the arrest of woman who ran an unlicensed childcare center in Indiana. While defendant did not have a license to run a daycare facility, it was within state law, because she was watching fewer than five children at a time.

hand-cuffs-12754-m.jpgAuthorities allege defendant battered a child to death and then tried to cover his death up by claiming the child choked to death. The young victim was 19 months old at the time of his death.

Prosecutors say this is not the first time defendant has had issues with the law. In 2006, she was charged with neglect of a child in her care. In that instance, child's mother went to police after her two-year-old was injured by a blanket that had become tied around her child's neck. Fortunately, her child survived that incident.

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New England Ski Area Accident Injures Seven

Skiing is a fun activity enjoyed by many throughout Massachusetts and the New England area, even with winter coming to an end in our area. Buses are still leaving from Boston to take skiers up to Maine for a weekend of skiing.

chair-lift-2-467704-m.jpgAccording to a recent news report from Fox News Springfield, seven people were injured in a chairlift accident. A mountain spokesperson said four of the injured were taken to taken to a local hospital for treatment, and first responders at the ski area attended to the other three.

According to reports, there were 200 skiers on the lift at the time of the accident. The lift was a "quad" designed to carry four riders on each chair, with multiple chairs suspended from a moving cable. For reasons still under investigation, the chairlift abruptly stopped moving up the ski slope and started to move backward.

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Special Needs Child Injured After Jumping from School Bus

Parents of special needs children are often in the often stressful position of having to rely on others to take care of their loved one during the day. According to a recent news article from AZ Central, a special needs child was seriously injured when he jumped from a school bus in Phoenix, Arizona.

Witnesses say the 11-year-old boy suffered a serious head injury after he jumped from the moving school bus and is listed in extremely critical condition. The young victim was a student at a special academy connected with an elementary school. He was traveling with the bus driver and his personal aid when he apparently ran for the back door of the school bus.

When police responded to the scene of the morning accident, they provided immediate medical attention and transported victim to a local child trauma emergency room. This was not the first time victim had attempted to escape from the bus while it was moving, as he had also tried to go out the back door the previous Wednesday.

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Dog on Lease Bites Veteran, Owner Runs Away

While many dog bites occur each day in the United States, very few of them make the news. However, one story from the Citizen Times was a bit more newsworthy. For one thing, the victim is a disabled army veteran who recently underwent a total knee replacement at the VA hospital.

261575_the_dog_of_my_brother_2.jpgVictim was leaving a local pet store, which he went to get food for his girlfriend's dog. He reportedly stepped outside of the store, he heard a dog barking. He didn't think much of it, because it was common for dogs at the pet shop to bark at each other.

Before he knew it, a 75-pound boxer had bitten him in the knee he just had replaced and was shaking as hard as it could. He fell to the ground, and the dog got on top of him and continued to bite his leg. What makes this story somewhat unique is the dog was on a leash. The woman holding the other end of the leash was allegedly talking on her cellphone at the time her dog attacked the man.

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A Look at Traumatic Brain Injury in Boston

March is National Traumatic Brain Injury month in the United States.

According to a recent traumatic brain injury (TBI) feature in Appalachian State University News, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimated that 2.4 million Americans suffer a traumatic brain injury each year. Whether caused by an auto accident, a fall accident, sports injury or other cause of head trauma, traumatic brain injury is having a devastating effect millions of people - and their families.

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Train Accident Injures 50+ People

According to a recent news article from ABC News 40 Springfield, at least 55 people were hurt when an Amtrak passenger train was involved in a crash with a tractor-trailer. At least one victim suffered a serious personal injury.

Train Sign.jpgNorth Carolina state police say a tractor-trailer driver was attempting to make a difficult left turn, when he got his truck stuck on the railroad tracks. Another witness said truck driver was actually attempting to make a right turn when he got stuck on the tracks.

In addition to the discrepancy as to exact course of events leading to this serious accident, there is dispute as to the number of people injured. State agency representatives said 54 people were transported to local hospitals with injuries, which were not life threatening, and one passenger was rushed to a level one trauma center with serious life-threatening injuries. Meanwhile, Federal Railroad Administration officials claim there were 62 total injuries.

The investigation is still ongoing, but it is believed the driver, who wasn't injured, was able to jump out of his truck before the train made impact with it. After it collided with the truck, the locomotive derailed and fell over it its side, along with the first two cars of the train. The first car to derail was a baggage car, and the second was a passenger car. There were 173 other passengers on the train who were not injured.

Amtrak arranged for coach buses to take them to Richmond, Virginia.

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UMass Students Demand Sex Assault Victim Bill of Rights

When we hear about sexual assaults on the news, we often think of these cases in terms of a criminal prosecution.

However, if you have been sexually assaulted, you may not only have a valid civil case against your assailant, but also his or her employer or other entity/agency which may have negligently allowed the attack to occur.

bluebar.jpgAccording to a recent news article from the Daily Hampshire Gazette, a rape victim at the University of Massachusetts was forced to face her alleged assailant during a student disciplinary hearing and testify. The school then allowed him to remain a student and maintain his residence on campus.

Protestors are upset the school did not provide a way for this victim to give her testimony in private, so she did not have face this man at the hearing. Students are demanding the school adopts what they refer to as Survivor's Bill of Rights. They believe such a policy would provide more protection to sexual assault victims and more consistent punishment to assailants.

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Massachusetts Couple Injured on Rented Snowmobile

Even with the seemingly long winter finally winding down, there is still time for many to enjoy outdoor activities the colder season has to offer.

Snowmobile riding, for example, can be a lot fun. But it can also be dangerous. Because many people do not own a snowmobile, accidents often involve rented equipment and riders with little or no experience.

596152_snow_mobile_at_sefsen_sweden_1.jpgAccording to a recent news article from the Sun Journal, a couple from Massachusetts was involved in a snowmobile accident when their machine was unable to make a sharp curve and ran into a large tree.

The 66-year-old husband and 64-year-old wife were riding a rented snowmobile on a mountain in Maine. After hitting the tree, both riders were injured an required immediate medical attention. Due to the remote location, first responders rode their own snowmobiles to the accident scene to assist the two victims. A medical evacuation helicopter was called to the scene to fly the male victim to the nearest level one trauma center for immediate treatment. His wife was put in a sled attached to an EMS worker's snowmobile and taken down the mountain, so a waiting ambulance could transport her to a local emergency room. She suffered a shoulder injury in the crash. Her husband suffered broken bones and possible other injuries that were not known at the time of initial reports.

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Toddler Daycare Death Investigated

The death of child, especially a toddler, can cause unimaginable suffering to victim's family. It is something so horrific, we try not to even think about such things happening.

65905_hospital_corridor_1.jpgAccording to a recent article from the Helena Independent Record, a toddler died after she stopped breathing while she was in daycare. Witnesses say young victim, an 18-month-old girl, died at a hospital in Spokane, Washington. Emergency personnel responded to a private residence being used as a local daycare. When authorities arrived, they found victim not breathing. They rushed her to a local hospital. Doctors pronounced her dead approximately a week after the tragic incident.

Authorities are continuing to investigate the situation, but medical examiners have not released a cause of death at this time. What is known is victim started aspirating her own vomit, and suffering swelling in her brain.

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Madonna Suffers Whiplash from Stage Fall

As most of us have heard by now, Madonna fell off a stage during a performance at the Brit Awards. Madonna was performing during the awards ceremony and blames her fall on a wardrobe malfunction.

ct-scans-1-262490-m.jpgDuring her performance, she was wearing a cape that was supposed to fall off her shoulders. The cape failed to fall and caused her to be pulled backwards off the stage. According to a recent news article from BBC News, Madonna says wardrobe personnel were worried her cape would fall off early and tied it extra tight to make sure that didn't happen. When it was time for the cape to fall, Madonna was at the top of a flight of stairs designed for the set, and she pulled the string as she was instructed to do in an attempt to release the cape.

At this point the cape did not release and it started to strangle her. She realized she could either intentionally fall off the stage or be strangled by the cape. She chose to fall, saying that she had fallen off her horse many times and knew the proper way to take a fall. When she landed on the ground, Madonna says she hit the back of her head and suffered whiplash. Medical personal preformed an initial test to determine if she suffered a concussion, and also someone was posted to watch over her with a flashlight until early the next morning to make sure did not present any new signs of head injury.

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Canton, Massachusetts Ice Hockey Rink Roof Collapses on Youth Team

With an end to this harsh Massachusetts winter almost in sight, we hope to get through the next month or so without more serious accidents due to icy and snowy conditions.

hockey-game-479643-m.jpgRecently, a group of two dozen youth hockey players, coaches, and parents narrowly escaped a potentially fatal roof collapse at the local ice rink in Canton, Massachusetts, according to a recent news article from NECN.

Witnesses say the team was at the rink for early morning practice when a large section of the roof came crashing down without any significant warning signs. Around 7 a.m., the team was on the ice, when they heard loud noses from the room. Around a second later, the coach heard a loud snap and started screaming. He was screaming for the kids to get off the ice. Witnesses say there were seven kids directly under the section of roof that came crashing down, and they barely had time to hear their coach's voice and get out of the way before being crushed by the falling roof, snow and ice.

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