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32-year-old Edgar Diaz is being held on $7,500 bail after running through a stop sign and hitting a young toddler with his pickup truck. The young toddler suffered a broken leg from the accident on the corner of Massasoit Street. The child’s mother, Caren Ventura, was at the scene of the accident.

Diaz fled the scene on foot but was restrained by a group of women before police arrived. The street is known to have a speeding issue, and police say there have been several accidents on the street since January 2017, three of which resulted in injuries.

Have you been injured in a hit and run accident and wish to hold a party liable for

Pets can improve our physical health. Physicians have documented measurable improvements to the cardiovascular system, immune system, and emotional moods of pet owners.

In the state of Massachusetts, companion animals can even be included in restraining orders pertaining to domestic violence cases. This demonstrates the connection we have with our pets – sometimes we’re willing to stay with them even if it means keeping ourselves in an undesirable or unsafe situation.

Most pets are peaceful. At times, however, some have been known to cause serious injury. In almost all cases, the owner will be held liable for injuries their pet inflicts upon another. Exceptions to this rule exist when the victim of a bite was the actor of another crime. 

At about 2:30 p.m., yesterday Brockton police and fire responded to a call on Belmont StreetBrockton toddler injured in pedestrian accident

Upon arrival they discovered that a 2-year-old boy was struck by a vehicle.

The boy’s injuries required an ambulance to arrive on scene to transport him due to his injuries.

There are no further details at this time.

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Holding school districts accountable for negligence resulting in student injuries just got a lot harder in Massachusetts. personal injury attorney

Governmental immunity laws meant that it was never a cakewalk, and plaintiffs pursuing liability claims against school districts in Boston and elsewhere in the Commonwealth always had their work cut out for them. The latest ruling in Commier v. City of Lynn et al just makes the climb for justice that much steeper.

This was a heartbreaking case involving a boy who was just a fourth-grader when he was a victim of school bullying so severe he now suffers from permanent paralysis. The boy’s parents had filed numerous complaints with the school district prior to the incident in question, and it’s their contention the school’s response was insufficient to abate the danger their son faced, particularly when the district had a duty to protect him.

Now, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court has held that school districts are shielded from liability in the event a student is injured by a classmate, thanks to the Massachusetts Tort Claims ActContinue reading

High school students are well known for engaging in many activities that the average adult would not consider safe, or for that matter even a sane thing to do. According to a recent news feature from Lehigh Valley Live, a 14-year-old girl was injured when she jumped out of a moving school bus and hit her head on the pavement. Doctors are worried the teen may have suffered a traumatic brain injury and labeled her condition as “concerning.”schoolbus

Believe it or not, the reason she jumped out of the rear door of a moving school bus is because it is a well-known tradition in the area for students to do this on the last day school each year.  However, one school official said that while the acts do occur, they are not a tradition at this particular school.  He said he is hopeful that other students will learn about the dangers of jumping out of moving school bus and not repeat this same behavior each year. Continue reading

There are many things in a home that can injure children. Some are well known, and parents will take certain standard measures to prevent these household hazards from injuring their children. One obvious example is an electrical outlet, which parents typically protect with plastic safety inserts. Household chemicals can also be dangerous, especially when they are kept under the kitchen sink at height easily accessible to children.   To prevent children from getting poisoned or otherwise injured as a result of these chemicals being stored in the home, parents will typically place child safety latches on cabinets to prevent children from gaining access.

widescreen-1418467While these are two examples that most people know about, there are many other dangers to children in the average home that parents have no idea about. According to a recent news article from The Star, big screen televisions can pose a significant risk to small children (especially toddlers), depending on how the television is sitting in a room. Continue reading

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