Exceptions to Dog Bite Liability

Pets can improve our physical health. Physicians have documented measurable improvements to the cardiovascular system, immune system, and emotional moods of pet owners.

In the state of Massachusetts, companion animals can even be included in restraining orders pertaining to domestic violence cases. This demonstrates the connection we have with our pets – sometimes we’re willing to stay with them even if it means keeping ourselves in an undesirable or unsafe situation.

Most pets are peaceful. At times, however, some have been known to cause serious injury. In almost all cases, the owner will be held liable for injuries their pet inflicts upon another. Exceptions to this rule exist when the victim of a bite was the actor of another crime. 

Conditions Affecting Dog Bite Liability

In order to pursue legal action regarding a dog bite injury, you must be able to show that you were not guilty of certain actions that would have caused the dog to bite you. After all, dogs are territorial animals who instinctually guard their owner’s homes.

You may not be able to pursue a personal injury claim due to a dog bite if you were:

  • Trespassing on the owner’s property
  • Committing an act of vandalism against the owner’s property
  • Deliberately taunting or provoking the animal
  • Abusing or tormenting the animal

In cases where the victim is a minor under seven years old, the law assumes the victim took no actions to provoke the attack. In all other cases, the dog owner must prove that the victim was responsible for the attack if they seek to be relieved of any associated liability.

Dog Bite Liability Experts with Heart

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